1. Details: Fat Snook with a Live bait

    Keeper snook from the other day!

    1. DylanCa 0
      Nice snook
    2. sugarypinksand 0
    3. waterhammer 0
      Awesome fish bro!
    4. Brian Mcpherson 0
    5. Christian Cisar 0
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  2. Details: Fat Snook with a Shminnow fly

    Nice beach snook on fly!

    1. Christian Cisar 0
    2. sugarypinksand 0
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  3. Details: Fat Snook with a Mullet

    1. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Aug 27, 2014!
    2. sugarypinksand 0
    3. ChristianK_ 0
      Nice one @coltsjesse
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  4. Details: Other Saltwater with a Skitterwalk

    A red, a bunch of trout, and a couple snook to complete the topwater slam!!!

    1. sugarypinksand 0
    2. walkermaze 0
      Good fishing man!
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  5. Fun little tarpon

    Tarpon with a Mojarra

    1. coltsjesse 0
      @BrandonScottAlt only if its over 40 inches
    2. Brandon alt 0
      Is it illegal to land tarpon over there?
    3. Gone_fishingg 0
      Nice tarpon!
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  6. Dorado / Mahi Mahi / Dolphin

  7. Lobstering with @_salt_life


    1. Michael Meeker 0
      How did you guys do in the Keys? @coltsjesse
    2. Michael Meeker 0
      Our mini season is the last Wednesday and Thursday in July with the main season opening in August. Lobster must be 3" from the front of the head until the ...more end of the head. @natepnguyen
    3. james baylie 0
    4. james baylie 0
      There is a mini season and a main season and I believe there is a 3 inch size limit
    5. natepnguyen 0
      Woah good catch, I always wanted to try that. Is there a certain season what's the limit. Do you guys dive deep? I'm from Texas we don't have things ...more like that down here
    6. Brian Mcpherson 0
      Dinner time!
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  8. Details: Fat Snook with a Pinfish

    36 incher

    1. alex1234 0
      @coltsjesse how do you find these big snook I can never find one whats your technique
  9. Details: Fat Snook with a Monster 3x shrimp

    42 inch snook

    1. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Jul 14, 2014!
    2. Ced1316 0
      Wow bro nice mondo snook!
    3. Christian Cisar 0
      dang on light tackle too... surprised he didn't spool u
    4. Donp 0
      That's AWESOME!!!!!!🎣🎣🎣
    5. ecili7 0
      Outta control!
    6. King_Fisher 0
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  10. Details: Red (redfish) Drum

    1. Andrew Pelski 0
      Do you fish on the Inlet side or the Ponce Inlet side? And which side did you catch this one on?
    2. jordan lezcano 0
      What did u get it on I hear they r biting quartered crab at the inlets jetties
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I mainly fish ormond and daytona beach follow me on insta @coltsjesse