1. Details: Dorado / Mahi Mahi / Dolphin

    Nice little mahi I caught on an offshore trip with my grandpa, also limited my tags on snapper and fought some kingfish!

  2. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout with a Love shrimp under poppin cork

    Wishing I was tearing these suckers up right now😩

  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a White spinning jig with a single gold spoon

    First bass out at the park, and I'm pretty dang proud of myself with this maybe 2 pounder.

  4. Details: Other Freshwater

    No bass hitting at the local creek today, so I spent most of my time trying to catch this sucker!

  5. All ready for the tournament!!

    1. YakTX 0
      ^ lol
    2. clayton surginer 0
      @j_reyes in the water
    3. j_reyes 0
      sweet where you gonna be fishing?
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  6. Details: Toadfish with a live shrimp

    Caught this sucker last night with @speckcatcher

    1. i never take the time look for the duffences, my dad says if you catch a dogfish hit with a hammer and throw it back, those SOB's hurt you
    2. USMC2013 0
      Fer sure not a dogfish
    3. jordon810 0
      Good fish
    4. clayton surginer 0
      It's a toad fish technically, it's a common miss conception between the two.
    5. its called a dogfish. catch them all the time in matagorda in the river! they have poision in their spines
    6. dieseldt 0
      Whoa, weird catch. Add it to the list!
    7. Josh Parker 0
      @chrisfish ugly and slimy
    8. chrisfish 0
      What in the world is that?
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  7. Details: Black Drum

    Thinning out the heards

    1. Lon85 0
      What bait? Nice haul.
    2. Conley Foeh 0
      We're goin Saturday
    3. clayton surginer 0
      @speckcatcher I'll be back tomorrow! I'm definitely going this weekend!!!!
    4. Conley Foeh 0
      Poor mijo, jk. You better go with us this weekend.
    5. clayton surginer 0
      @speckcatcher I've been sick all day, cut me some slack
    6. Conley Foeh 0
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  8. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout with a live shrimp

    Full stringer of reds and specks after wading

  9. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a live shrimp