1. What do you think? I'm trying to make my inline osprey weedless. You think i will have trouble hooking fish?

    1. Jesse w 0
      never know til you try. good idea
    2. jason felter 0
      I would go for it man!
    3. Christiank 0
      Yes I could change it back and yes I would take the treble off that's just there becuse I haven't changed it yet. @fishin_man @bassman3869
    4. Isaac Carey 0
      If take the treble off and set it so the hook will pop up when they bite (like a tx rig) and it looks like it would be fine
    5. jason felter 0
      After you have changed it to weed less can you change it back or no?
    6. jason felter 0
      I think being able to cast in more thicker areas of weeds and stuff will result in more strikes but I'm not sure how the hookup ratio will be.
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  2. Any tips on how and where to fish this? I'm kinda new to swimbait fishing.

    1. Jesse w 0
      any time bud.
    2. Christiank 0
      Ok thanks! @GotEmCustomBaits
    3. Jesse w 0
      just depends where the fish are sitting. I like running a bottom hook just above the fish. I rig my hudd similar
    4. Christiank 0
      So how close to the bottom do you fish it? @GotEmCustomBaits
    5. Jesse w 0
      if I get tail strikes, I'll speed up my retrieve and cast back.
    6. Jesse w 0
      ledges, ledges, and ledges
    7. Jesse w 0
      what @Oregon_Bass said. slow roll it and let em take it. don't let it hit the bottom like you can with a hudd. I've lost lots of them doing that
    8. kenny kenny 0
      November-February on Shasta Lake. Looks like spot candy!
    9. Christiank 0
      Ok you fish it on the bottom or what? @Oregon_Bass
    10. Oregon_Bass 0
      Just cast and reel pretty much. Change up the reel speeds if anything. But the best retrieve is a slow roll @Christiank
    11. Christiank 0
      I'm probably going to through it at lost creek in the open!
    12. Christiank 0
    13. Christiank 0
      How do you like to fish it? I fish a hudd sometimes.
    14. Christiank 0
      Thanks @jeremy5567
    15. Oregon_Bass 0
      That thing kills it at Howard and selmac. Spots at Shasta too
    16. jeremy5567 0
      Fish deep water reel about 10 feet stop and let it sink for 3 seconds repeat
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  3. I know for most of you this may be to far to travel but I know there are some oregon and Northern California people on here. This is a great tournament with a big ...more payout located in southern oregons

    1. Christiank 0
      My bad bro! @Oregon_Bass
    2. Christiank 0
      Oh ya damn! That's right!
    3. Oregon_Bass 0
      You got a boat right? Cause I don't lol
    4. Christiank 0
      @Oregon_Bass @racer29
    5. Christiank 0
      Lost creek lake!!
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  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a jig with ppmb skirt

    Again fishing the shorelines early in the morning this fish weighed just under 3lbs

  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a jig with PPMB skirt

    early morning fishing the shorelines this fish weighed in at at just over 4lbs

  6. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a tips

    Anything helps! What to use? Where to fish? Ect...

    1. Jesse w 0
      I would slowly drag jigs across rock piles. or a jerkbait with extra long pauses
    2. eastonsutley 0
      Swavers by river to sea
    3. eastonsutley 0
      Water temps are cold here and bass are hitting se avers.
    4. timriggins69 0
      Smoke dank before u fish, it attracts the fish
    5. Austin Buley 0
      No problem good luck!
    6. Christiank 0
      And probably some jigs to get the better fish. And I may even use a flippin craw in the rocks because there are lots of rocks there. @saltlife32
    7. Christiank 0
      weekend using reaction baits and didn't do that great. I'm going out one more time before the tournament and I think I'm going to throw finesse like ...more robo worms @Champion and tubes @AMA0903 @eastonsutley
    8. Christiank 0
      Ok thank you! @saltlife32 @AMA0903 @abuley34 @Champion @eastonsutley the last tournament I fished there I had really good success fishing reaction baits so I went ...more out pre fishing for my tourny this
    9. eastonsutley 0
      Tubes for smallies.
    10. Champion 0
      Dart head a robo worm
    11. Austin Buley 0
      That would be my best guess as to where the fish are
    12. Austin Buley 0
      That'l be a problem... In that case fish will probably still be deeper... Find some points/ridges at least 10+ feet under and drop a jigging spoon or rattletrap ...more down on top of it.
    13. Christiank 0
      There is a few docks but they are pretty shallow do you think they will be there with the water at 46 degrees? @abuley34
    14. Austin Buley 0
      If there are any docks still in the water if throw some dropshots around there
    15. AMA0903 0
      Rattle traps
    16. AMA0903 0
      Tube baits
    17. nathaniel jones 0
      Flippen craw if theres rocks
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  7. PPMB fishing skirts check out my last blert for pictures they are some of the best quality jigs on the market. You can them at ppmbfishingskirts.m.web.com

    1. Christiank 0
      Or you can look at my last blert.
    2. Christiank 0
      Correction http://ppmbfishingskirts.m.webs.com
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  8. PPMB fishing skirts! They are by far the best skirts out there in my opinion! They look great, feel great and just flat out catch fish! You can get them at ppmbfishingskirts.m.webs.com

  9. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a Suspending hawg boss crankbait

    My tournament partner and I were pre fishing for next weekend. We couldn't anything with any size. The fish was suspended in 20 FOW we would real and pause the ...more crank bait. The water temp was 45 degres

  10. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a spinnerbait

    Pre fishing for my tournament this next weekend We couldn't find anything with any size fish was suspended in 15 FOW water temp was 46 degrees. Slow rolling ...more the spinnerbait with lots of quick twitches

    1. Jesse 0
      get em this weekend guys. good luck
    2. Christiank 0
      The fish were suspended in about 15-20 FOW for me. I'm going again soon and I think I'm gunna throw shallow. @Oregon_Bass
    3. Oregon_Bass 0
      I know there's big fish in there though. Just gotta find em I guess. Shallow or deep is the question? Haha @Christiank
    4. Christiank 0
      Ya I struggled finding a good amount of fish in a spot or anything with any size yesterday. @Oregon_Bass
    5. Oregon_Bass 0
      A couple times, I've caught a few little smallies from the shore. Nothin special @Christiank
    6. Christiank 0
      Do you ever fish emigrant? @Oregon_Bass
    7. Christiank 0
      I will! @Oregon_Bass
    8. Oregon_Bass 0
      I'm down bud hit me up soon @Christiank
    9. Christiank 0
      Well let's fish together soon and kinda develop a strength and then let's let's tackle some tourneys! @Oregon_Bass
    10. Oregon_Bass 0
      Yeah I can only imagine.
    11. Christiank 0
      Hel1 ya!! I've converted my boat into a bass boat and added a new fish finder it makes all the difference in the world for finding bucket mouths @Oregon_Bass
    12. Oregon_Bass 0
      Yeah I can imagine. If you need a partner I would be down to go out and try to get on some. That would be sick, might even catch some good fish haha @Christiank
    13. Christiank 0
      Dude it's bitch1n!! Shore is good and all but fishing from a boat opens up a whole new world! @Oregon_Bass
    14. Oregon_Bass 0
      So that's deficiently something I'm trying to do soon, I got fishing from the shore down pretty good I really wanna learn how to get on some from a boat ...more in deeper waters and just figure out some lake
    15. Oregon_Bass 0
      Yeah man I could be into that. I was asking because the club I was in isn't doing any tourneys this year. I didn't get to fish a tourney last year and I've ...more actually never even bass fished from a boat
    16. Christiank 0
      Of baseball. @Oregon_Bass
    17. Christiank 0
      Emigrant it's the Rogue Valley Bassmasters. You have to have a boat to fish in it but if you don't have one you could fish we me in some tourneys if you ...more want? Because my partner will miss some because
    18. Oregon_Bass 0
    19. Oregon_Bass 0
      What lake is the tournament on this weekend? And what club are you in?
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