1. Details: Gulf Flounder

    Pre-front flounder

  2. Details: Gulf Flounder

    10am this morning

    1. Edward Pease Bomber1 0
      @blueninja looks like we need to start finding the flounder. @chickenboylures nice flatties!
  3. Details: Gulf Flounder

    Saturday late afternoon bite Pierce Marsh. Water brown color

    1. chickenboylures 0
    2. John Tellier 0
      You put them on tandem or single?
    3. Edward Pease Bomber1 0
      @blueninja pierce marsh
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  4. They are getting bigger.

    Gulf Flounder

  5. Run is in full swing

    Gulf Flounder

    1. hot1075 0
    2. saltwaterteam 0
      @ChanceHuiet thanks buddy i appreciate the info. i was trying to get me kayak out 2 day at the spill way but looks like is a little 2 windy for the kayak.
    3. Jacob Breaux 0
    4. saltwaterteam 0
      @chickenboylures i though it was 2 only. thanks
    5. chickenboylures 0
      Right now 5
    6. saltwaterteam 0
      @chickenboylures what is the daily limit on flounder in texas?
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  6. The run is on fire.

    Gulf Flounder

    1. aus_10 0
      Been killin em like always @chickenboylures
    2. Paul 0
      Nice! I hope to be up there in a couple weeks catching flounder.
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  7. The Run is on.

    Gulf Flounder

    1. cutbaiter 0
      How long will it go
  8. Run is now in full swing.

    Gulf Flounder

    1. Samuel2732 0
      Yes you can eat them they are called flounder
    2. dustinfishing 0
      @bomber1 i think i eat these a lot but im from the netherlands and i dont now the correct name so but these that i eat named schol are delicious to
    3. Edward Pease Bomber1 0
      @dustinfishing yes you can and they are delicious
    4. dustinfishing 0
      Can u eat those?
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  10. Galveston ship channel early morning. Perfect conditions.

    Gulf Flounder

    1. saltlifejw 0
      Nice haul