1. Details: Bluegill Sunfish with a Worm

    A small blue gill

  2. Details: Rock Bass with a Bass master crank lure

    1. Chuck LaBruna 0
      ..and have larger heads. That's a Smallmouth, man.
    2. Chuck LaBruna 0
      @ChrisA Yeah, it's a Smallmouth. Was a little tough to tell cuz the pic is blurry, but just judging by the body shape and color it's too lean a fish to be ...more a Rock Bass. Plus, Rock Bass are much more..
    3. ChrisA 0
      Go on google images and you'll see that's definitely a smallmouth. If the dnr actually did check your fish you are very lucky they didn't fine you. @wyldechylde77 ...more can you please confirm the species?
    4. dillon juarez 0
      Small mouth have red eyes sometimes rock bass have a black dot like sunfish near there gill plate
    5. chaserocks 0
      @chrisA it's actually a rock bass it has red eyes and it is perfectly leag all the dnr was on the lake and even checked everything. And said it was leagal I ...more know the legal leangth
    6. ChrisA 0
      That's a smallmouth bass. In Wisconsin to keep a smallmouth it has to be 14 inches. That fish is illegal to keep. In the future know your species better so you ...more don't keep fish that aren't legal.
    7. dillon juarez 0
      That looks like a small mouth
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  3. I'm going fishing on pelican lake wi all week next week does anybody have any suggestions on what to fish for other than panfish

  4. I'm not gonna be able to post a keep or not for a little while cuz we r working from dusk till dawn in the feilds so I come home eat sleep wake get In tractor

  5. Details: Yellow Perch with a Hook and worm

    KEEP or NOT #6. Your fishing on lake poygan for pan fish and u catch a perch it is 6" long

    1. JSoukup 0
      If you are gunna eat it, keep it. If not, release and catch him again when he gets bigger.
  6. Details: Muskie with a Red devil spinner

    KEEP or NOT #5. Caught this one myself... Your fishing on pelican lake in upper wisconcin and catch a 24 inch Muskie they are good fish to eat but have the ...more whole family at your cabin

    1. Mason Cizek 0
      This pic is off the internet
    2. PA_Hunter243 0
      If u think u can catch 10 more keep. if not release
    3. JSoukup 0
    4. chaserocks 0
      We did let it go like @fisherfornorthern said the DNR won't let me keep one that big
    5. jacob_maneely 0
      Nice Muskie
    6. John478 0
      I hope you let it go.
    7. King_Fisher 0
      Let go better to have a big catfish or crappie fry.
    8. fisherfornorthern 0
      Let him go, there are no lakes in Wisconsin that allow you to keep a musky that size
    9. atxflyfishing 0
      Yea let him loose, they're not the most common fish
    10. Chuck LaBruna 0
      Let him go. Smaller ones, like 18"-20" are much better eating, and at 24" this one is well on its way to getting pretty big. I assume you'll probably ...more wanna catch him again in a year or two 😉
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  7. Details: Channel Catfish with a Adoms dive bomb

    KEEP OR NOT #4. Your trout fishing and you land a catfish you love to eat them but would need to catch enough for a meal

    1. Chris Skinner 0
      Keep, you can always freeze it for later
  8. Details: White Bass with a Jitter bug

    KEEP or NOT #3. Your fishing on the fox river you only have caught one other white bass. It's morning and you have all day to fish the limit is 5

    1. chaserocks 0
      Oh we usually just keep 5 and go home
    2. ChrisA 0
      You can only keep 5 smallmouth or largemouth bass. It says there is no limit on white bass. This is from the Wisconsin DNR page.
    3. chaserocks 0
      @ChrisA the limit is 5 here in wisconcin
    4. ChrisA 0
      Throw it back unless that's the species you are targeting and you will know you will catch enough for a meal. Also I'm pretty sure the limit is more than ...more 5.
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  9. KEEP or NOT. #2. You have been walleye fishing all day and this is the first you've caught in 3 hours it's getting dark at you don't feel like fishing ...more in the dark

    1. Laine Dillard 0
      I have eaten central Minnesota walleye and wouldn't do it again taste mushy like it was under cooked
    2. chaserocks 0
      @lainedillard u obviously have never eaten wolf river walleye they r the best of the best
    3. Laine Dillard 0
      Release bass are better eating
    4. chaserocks 0
      Idk I just chose a random river @TennesseeTroutboy
    5. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      Why did u choose that river though
    6. chaserocks 0
      @TennesseeTroutboy idk I just put diffrent water body's for each one
    7. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      Why did you put the Cumberland river in Ky
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  10. Details: Brook Trout with a Adams dry fly

    KEEP or NOT #1 Your trout fishing on the Colorado river and caught this 16in. Brook trout u have caught 2 already your limit is 5 trout

    1. Mason Cizek 0
      Release it!
    2. catfishking609 0
      If it isn't a stockie then let it go no need to keep more than you need for a meal. Let em spawn and get big
    3. Oliver Ancans 0
      Don't keep it because it's a beautiful fish and big spawning brookies should be released so the population can be sustained
    4. MattLewis 0
      But it depends on how big the first 2 r
    5. MattLewis 0
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