1. My brother with one of the blues we caught. Free floating jugs in the mouth of the creek. Bait suspended 1 foot under jug in 10 foot of water

    Blue Catfish with a Black salty

    1. catfishinKING 0
      @PrestonA ya we discovered them last year and we won't use anything else.
    2. Preston Allmand 0
      That's the only bait me and my dad throw on jugs!!! There great
    3. catfishinKING 0
      @blueninja yes sir. They look like tiny carp. You can hook them thru the head and they will stay alive for days
    4. John Tellier 0
      Good Eatn! Black Salty bait?
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  2. Never seen fish bite like this in my life. Me and some buddies put the smack down on the sandies and crappie. Fishing 27 foot of water but they were stacked about ...more 6 foot under the boat. Longest I had a hook in the water was 6 seconds. 304 total. And before anyone jumps on me there were 10 of us fishing. We weren't over limit. 108 were crappie and the other sand bass.

    Barred Sand Bass with a Shiners and shad

    1. catfishinKING 0
      @blueninja ya it's all fun until you get home and have to clean em lol
    2. John Tellier 0
      @catfishinKING My dad has that unfortunate pleasure when we catch a school of em. Hes just so good at it.
    3. catfishinKING 0
      @blueninja well everyone had to leave except 2 of us haha took us forever.
    4. John Tellier 0
      Cleaning party to follow? Ha!
    5. catfishinKING 0
      The guy I go with take people to this spot at least once a week and limits out every tim and has been fishing there for 20 years. No shortage of fish my friend.
    6. catfishinKING 0
      @mh1595 34 a person is not many for this lake. You should see how many get pulled out when they spawn up in the river and creek that runs into it. We probably threw ...more 100 back that were too small
    7. mh1595 0
      30.4* lol
    8. mh1595 0
      34 fish a piece, yeah that's much more conservative. I'm all for stocking up but god damn dude. There are other fisherman trying to put food on the table ...more too.
    9. Keiotta 0
      nice catch @hot1075
    10. luis 0
    11. luis 0
      @txfisherman713 @reelgame @reel_smooth
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  3. Details: Black Crappie with a Minnow

    My niece caught her first fish while at deer camp. Never seen her so happy

  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a plastic worm (watermelon seed)

    Played fetch with the fish at my family ranch. Caught 18 total, this one being the biggest. It rained most of the day. Wasn't really a depth cuz she hit it right ...more when the bait hit the water #topwaterexplosion

  5. Noodling today

    Blue Catfish with a hands

  6. Was pullin up jugs when my buddy @red talked me into sticking my hand in a hole. It hit my hand like a train but it was fun.

    Blue Catfish with a hands

    1. brad3507 0
      @joshwilliams thanks for the info! Lucky I don't have to worry about gators in my neck of the woods hahaha
    2. joshw 0
      @brad3507 make sure hole is completely submerged so no air gets in. Reduces chance of turtles. Gators worry me
    3. catfishinKING 0
      It's part of the risk haha trust me I have to get the nerve up before every hole but it's an adrenaline rush. @brad3507
    4. brad3507 0
      @catfishinKING that's awesome! I would love to try that sometime but the fear of snapping turtles being in those holes is enough to deter me from trying lol
    5. catfishinKING 0
      Ya I didn't expect that big of a fish to be in the hole. I literally had to yank him out @brad3507
    6. brad3507 0
      /or territorial altercations lol
    7. brad3507 0
      @catfishinKING oh ok I was just wondering because I caught a few small flatheads last night that had attack marks all over their tail and was actively bleeding. ...more Didn't know if it was from spawning and
    8. catfishinKING 0
      Ya he was bigger than the hole I was pulling him out of @brad3507
    9. brad3507 0
      Is that a battle wound on the head or is it just the way the light is hitting it??
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  7. New sticker for my truck. My mom says its inappropriate but I get a kick out of it!

    1. corey 0
      its only natural lol
    2. teamReelJackedUp 0
      Haha good stuff man
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  8. Details: Channel Catfish with a live worms

    Another one of the cats I caught while perch fishing. Did a little editing

  9. Details: Channel Catfish with a live worms

    Was fishing for perch at the farm and hooked into a few cats. Fishing 2 foot under a cork.

  10. Details: Black Crappie with a live worms

    Never gets old catching crappie. About 10 ft of water and beautiful weather out

    1. bruton9 0
      That's what I'm talkin bout right there
    2. CRAPPIE 0
    3. catfishinKING 0
      Privately owned lake @CRAPPIE
    4. CRAPPIE 0
      Pond or lake? Nice haul either way
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