1. Details: Bull Shark

    Either mullet or ray I believe 4 foot

    1. Gunner Newberry 0
      Ayeeeee attaboy
  2. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a mullet


    1. xavier cameron 0
      Nice catch bro
    2. captainjake 0
      Saturday @fishingmatt
    3. fishingmatt 0
      Is this today or the other day?
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  3. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a mullet

    38 i believe.

  4. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a whole mullet not cut

    Nice start to the season.This ones the 42". The other ones the 38"

    1. captainjake 0
      No @fishingmatt but when are we going back i got some rods setup that i used last weekend.
    2. fishingmatt 0
      Sweet no gafftop or hardheads?
    3. captainjake 0
      No not really maybe one okay sized ones. Just finger mullet
    4. fishingmatt 0
      Big ones?
    5. captainjake 0
    6. captainjake 0
      No we got it at bluewater bait camp by the big store.
    7. fishingmatt 0
      Did y'all catch the mullet?
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  5. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a mullet whole not cut

    Nice start to the season. Caught two nice reds. A huge reel zinger got off. Broke the 80 lb test. This reds 38"

    1. captainjake 0
      Far. Im not good with distances but almost a whole reel of line on a reel that holds a lot of line.
    2. j_reyes 0
      how far out??
    3. fishingmatt 0
      @GunnerNewberry that's @tracebonner cousin! Atta boy Jake!
    4. cole_papa 0
      About how far? Where you at in this anyways
    5. captainjake 0
      Yes sir! @cole_papa
    6. cole_papa 0
      You yaking the baits out?
    7. Gunner Newberry 0
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  6. 37'

    1. xavier cameron 0
      Awe they would have been good to eat @captainjake
    2. xavier cameron 0
    3. xavier cameron 0
      Thanks bro for following me
    4. captainjake 0
    5. captainjake 0
      No we caught about 6 that day we only kept 2 over 40'
    6. xavier cameron 0
      She's a keeper! Did you keep it
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  7. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a live mullet


    1. captainjake 0
      With you @tracebonner forgot to post it
    2. tracebonner 0
      When was this? @captainjake
    3. xavier cameron 0
    4. xavier cameron 0
      Wait one moment you have the Oakley glasses that I want
    5. xavier cameron 0
      Looks like you caught the big brother of the first one!! @captainjake
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  8. Details: Black Fin Tuna with a artificial

    4 black fin tuna and a barracuda

    1. captainjake 0
    2. xavier cameron 0
      Look now you ruined my joke but good job ! Where they good?
    3. captainjake 0
      We actually brought them to a local place where we were staying in west bay and they cooked them for us. And our charter cleaned them into steaks for us. @fishassasin
    4. xavier cameron 0
    5. xavier cameron 0
      Now you got a tuna sandwich and one big sardine
    6. tunatoker8910 0
    7. captainjake 0
      @tunatoker8910 roatán, honduras
    8. tunatoker8910 0
      Where is that at?@captainjake
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