1. Details: Crawfish with a $$

    Crawfish is still expensive right now, $4.50 lb live but it was definitely worth it. Also cheaper to cook at home. 😁

    1. BurratBurrat 0
      Sorry just seen your comment, bought them at crawfish city on bellaire and Howell sugarland @marco98
    2. marco98 0
      Were did you buy them at @BurratBurrat
    3. Txfisherman713 R 0
      No prob bud
    4. BurratBurrat 0
      Just called they said its $2.79 a lb which still cheap but won't have any until Sunday. Thanks for the heads up @txfisherman713
    5. BurratBurrat 0
      That's dirt cheap right now
    6. BurratBurrat 0
      I know Boyd's is it really $1.88 a lb?!! @txfisherman713
    7. Txfisherman713 R 0
      Hey idk if u know but boyds in tx city has crawfish for 1.88$/#
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  2. Going to end this year with a bang! Be safe and Happy New Years to everyone on Fishing Scout! Here we come 2015! Cheers* 🍻

    1. whitebass_81 0
      No but it sort of looks like her
    2. robz713 0
      Because that's not Michelle Obama @whitebass_81
    3. robz713 0
      @whitebass_81 do you have the same one
    4. whitebass_81 0
      Michelle Obama @robz713
    5. robz713 0
      I love the name lol who's picture is on the First Lady of fireworks
    6. BurratBurrat 0
      Nice! @bassman3869 waiting to closer to midnight. Happy New Years!
    7. Isaac Carey 0
      I got a bunch of fireworks that it is a felony to have off of an Indian refuge that I'm planning to fire off on my buddy's land on the refuge it's gonna ...more be fun!!!
    8. BurratBurrat 0
      Thanks to you to @fishinggal
    9. fishinggal 0
      @BurratBurrat Be safe and Happy New Year!
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  3. Details: Blue Crab with a Leg quarters

    Parents caught these monster blue crabs at the wildlife refuge using crabing string and leg quarters. They have been thick out there lately. Go get some!

    1. BurratBurrat 0
      Haha thanks @fishinggal
    2. fishinggal 0
      Looks yummy
    3. fishinggal 0
      Um....@BurratBurrat ...lol...πŸ‘
    4. BurratBurrat 0
      Thanks! Was delicious @ReelFishnTx
    5. ReelFishnTx 0
      @BurratBurrat Looks like some good eatin bud !
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  4. Details: Gulf Flounder with a Gulp 4" swimming mullets!

    Flounders here I come!

    1. Hai Nguyen 0
      @BurratBurrat yea man it's big difference when you save a buck for each one...at Basspro it's 2 dollars more at Academy it's a dollar more...
    2. BurratBurrat 0
      Is it really? @Set_That_Hook that's a big difference. I bought mines up in Katy last night because I hit the water this am. Will check there next time when I ...more need to restock!
    3. BurratBurrat 0
      I agree @tlulfs72. I tandem rig double gulp or one gulp and a mud minnow or finger mullet.
    4. BurratBurrat 0
      Just hit me up @ReelFishnTx I got u! Plenty of flounders to catch and we all gotta eat haha
    5. Hai Nguyen 0
      it's actually cheaper at Wal-Mart on Twin City...$1 dollar cheaper !!!
    6. tlulfs72 0
      Those are all I use. 3" Swimming Mullet. Every time, every day, for inshore. I use a 1/16 or 1/8oz ball jig head no matter what the current. I've caught ...more hundreds of fish on this product
    7. ReelFishnTx 0
      Looks like I'll be hitting u up when I run low! @BurratBurrat
    8. 10-4! Can't ever have enough lol
    9. BurratBurrat 0
      Yes costly but definitely worth it! @TX_REELGRL
    10. BurratBurrat 0
      Yea I just saw the fluorescent orange had to try them out! Love bright colors @ReelGame
    11. BurratBurrat 0
      Yes my to go baits @CrappieFisherman12
    12. @ReelGame I want that orange gulp...u know what that means lol! @BurratBurrat I buy in 4's of the same one's and yes it gets costly but WE'RE READY 4 ...more the Flounder Run!
    13. russellg4 0
      I bet but just a bit
    14. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Nice stock love that orange @TX_REELGRLthanks baby and myself plus our boys have about that much now 4 of every gulp plus TTF LIL SPECK KILLERS
    15. Jackson Roberts 0
      I caught my first flounder on a shrimp gulp bait
    16. luis 0
    17. BurratBurrat 0
      Yea got a bit out of hand at academy ☺️@russellg4
    18. BurratBurrat 0
      Haha it's ok, had to restock for flounder season @corbin125
    19. russellg4 0
      That must have cost you
    20. corbin125 0
      damn that's a lot of gulp
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  5. Details: Gulf Flounder with a Red/pink/chartreuse 4" swimming mullet.

    Launched the boat in Sabine area yesterday fished from 1-5 pm and caught 7 flounders among 3 of us. Biggest being 19". Fished the boat docks, Dick dowlen ...more park to Texas bayou. Was slow from the start with a few undersize and picked up later in the afternoon. Overall not a bad day. Baked the 2 biggest flounder along with some chopped ribeye steaks!

    1. BurratBurrat 0
      I had my boat parking right in front of dowlen park near the rocks and caught nothing. But saw a man and a lady picked up 4 keepers in about 40 min. Should be on ...more next week @set_that_hook
    2. BurratBurrat 0
      I'm not too sure @Set_That_Hook. I'm trying to go back down this weekend. Will lyk. I wanna hit up dowlen park!
    3. Hai Nguyen 0
      @BurratBurrat when you're going next ? I'll be down next week if you wanna hit up the flounder
    4. BurratBurrat 0
      Haha thanks @fishinggal
    5. fishinggal 0
      @BurratBurrat lol..your meals always look so yummy.
    6. BurratBurrat 0
      I normally stuff mines with boudain and sausages. @fishinggal
    7. BurratBurrat 0
      Lol somewhat, I did the scaling and the cleaning. My cuzzn cooked it. Just freestyle with the fish. @fishinggal
    8. fishinggal 0
      @BurratBurrat So, gotta ask..are you the cook? lol
    9. BurratBurrat 0
      It was delicious @ReelGame 😁@ReelFishnTx
    10. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      looks very tasty
    11. ReelFishnTx 0
      That's making my mouth water!
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  6. Details: Atlantic Croaker with a Cut shrimp and squid.

    Caught these jumbo croakers fishing off the bank last week at Keith lake.

    1. BurratBurrat 0
      I try my best haha
    2. YakinTexasBrandon 0
      Oh okay haha yea man you got a sweet profile
    3. BurratBurrat 0
      Didn't go school in Katy came from sw Houston went to Elsik but graduated college already. @YakinTexasBrandon
    4. YakinTexasBrandon 0
      Oh sweet man what school you go to?
    5. BurratBurrat 0
      Haha np man Im in Katy too @YakinTexasBrandon
    6. YakinTexasBrandon 0
      Sounds good man! I'm jealous ha! Thanks for the follow!
    7. BurratBurrat 0
      Yes loved them seasoned and fried or even simmered with rice! @YakinTexasBrandon
    8. YakinTexasBrandon 0
      Nice haul! You eat them?
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  7. Details: Blue Crab with a Leg quarters

    Caught about a dozen blue crabs at clam lake 2 days ago.

    1. gabelowery22 0
      Hey I think you have crabs lol @BurratBurrat
    2. ReelFishnTx 0
      Makes me hungry!
    3. BurratBurrat 0
      Yea crabs are thick back a clam lake @Lon85
    4. BurratBurrat 0
      At wooden pier @Set_That_Hook the bridge was packed
    5. Lon85 0
      Looks like some fattie ones too! πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
    6. Hai Nguyen 0
      at the wooden piers or the bridge @BurratBurrat
    7. BurratBurrat 0
      Thanks and String @Lon85
    8. Lon85 0
      Nice haul! Crab trap or string?
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  8. Details: Crawfish with a Cajun Season!

    You guys have got to try this! This season is great on any seafood especially crawfish! Also good on chicken wings! Check it out on Amazon.com!

  9. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout with a Live shrimp under cork

    Slow night fished from 9pm-3 am halfway down the dike only caught one keeper speck. Water was dirty wasn't as clear as the other night we went. So we decided ...more to move the fish cans further down near the end caught 5 more from 16-18" And that was it.

  10. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout with a Live shrimp under cork w/20lb vanish and treble hook.

    This was 2 nights ago at Texas city dike. Fished from 9pm-2am ended up with 17 specks ranging 15.5-19 inches among 4 of us and some sand trout. Caught a bunch of ...more undersize overall a great night.