1. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a Spinner

    Got this one throwing a spinner by the pads caught two 1 was 4 pounds

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      Nice fish @bullseye16
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      You can tell because the lateral line has spots on it. There not that big but there spots.
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      Largemouth @bullseye16
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  2. I was fishing at lake texoma small cloud cover with my grandfather at it was 72° out and in all I caught 16 my grandfather caught 4 and we caught 3 in strike ...more king top water if anybody wants to go out on a trip his phone number is 972-467-2740 it is a lot a fun and u will catch fish he has been fishing there for more than 40+ years

  3. Fishing at exall lake it was 81* out with the wind blowing 10 miles per hour,it put up a very big fight and it weighed around 1 pound we caught two fish in all under ...more the bridge

  4. I was using a Texas rig and felt a bite and jerked and it gave a good fight

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      I was fishing
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      I was fishing Patrick
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      Zach get off fishing scout
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  5. My costa gear

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