1. Been ripping bass off the beds in the mean time, when the river level is no good for Gar fishing bass are a good alternative, these are two floridas out of a local ...more lake here in ennis tx, 4-1/2 lbs and a 3-1/2 lber......me and my buddy caught at the same time. Released still swimming, conservation keeps our holes full

  2. Kicked off Gar season with a six footer, gonna be a good year

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      Thanks for the answer. I was just curious because they are considered a nuisance fish here. Fun to catch tho.
    2. Detroit River Angler 0
      Pre-historic beast!!
    3. John Buttacavoli 0
      holy sh**
    4. bruton9 0
      They are trying to protect them here now as a result of the big fish of the population are far more scarce
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      @rowdy2404 yes....one Gar can be caught or kept per trip per person...that goes for bow fishing them or jug or trot lines as well, it's a year round season but ...more a few years ago they changed the limit
    6. rowdy2404 0
      Sorry, I meant to say gar. Spell check.
    7. rowdy2404 0
      Is there actually a specific Legal fishing season for hat in Texas?
    8. bruton9 0
      Hook out, and released healthy
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  3. Details: Black Crappie

    Can anyone tell me if they r up in the creeks yet? Everything down here is so flooded I ain't been able to get into em very good yet....having trouble finding ...more the right depth and location,

  4. Details: Yellow Fin Tuna with a Live hoagies

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      Nice fish!
    3. bruton9 0
      Two diff fish swear to god
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      Damn I'm good
  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Zarr spook

    Absolutely murded em last night night....had a bad storm rolling in that went around me....i guess the pressure dropping so much like that got em stirred up cu tbey ...more could resist that spook....

  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Ssshhhhhh! Secret

    Notice the full moon in the background....this is @Roostagarpro son we start em early....oh ya we used to win bass tourneys all the time, in the words of John Quigly ...more "never said we couldn't bass fish, we just said we never had any use for it" 5.2lbs and the boys first top water fish.... @polaris500

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      @TwistOff u know what u r right it damn sure is Matthew quigley
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      Been a while but thought is was Matthew, love the movie
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      @Reyes3rd thanx bud
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      Nice fish Mann
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      @ChanceHuiet best times r between late march and early august
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      @ChanceHuiet any time u r ready
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      @ChanceHuiet lol well now everybody knows thanx a lot chance
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      Thanx gents @brentp18 @Billy_CrankAddict_Wells
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      Sorry @RoostaGarPro could wait to show what your boy caught hellofa fish!!!!
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      Good looking dude
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      @polaris500 @RoostaGarPro
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