1. Details: Channel Catfish with a Stink bait

    The girl with a nice channel

  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a bluegill

    My girl with the largemouth via last blert

  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a bluegill

    19 1/4 in. Largemouth

  4. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a tube

    Wading the Darby

    1. King_Fisher 0
      Man gotta love some river smallies!
  5. Details: Blue Catfish

    29.5 inch blue cat

    1. brentnicol 0
      Thanks @csime
    2. Colton Sime 0
      Nice on
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  6. Details: Blue Catfish

    Getting ready to clean

    1. birddog1 0
      Haha that's awsome
    2. brentnicol 0
      Oh I know I've seen them chase squirrels @birddog1
    3. birddog1 0
      I knew they could climb trees
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  7. Details: Blue Catfish

    Just a little catfishin'

  8. Details: Blue Catfish with a cut bluegill

    My catch of the night=blue cat and 2 bait fish

    1. brentnicol 0
      Yup no problem @outdoorlife141
    2. nick vojtek 0
      Thanks the info will be a huge help as soon as the water conditions are better from all of the rain!
    3. brentnicol 0
      And I have no clue @outdoorlife141
    4. brentnicol 0
      I don't really use bobbers but some people have alot of luck with them. And I don't like mine drifting
    5. nick vojtek 0
      Aren't blues on the rare side in OH
    6. nick vojtek 0
      And don't let it drift down river or either or?
    7. nick vojtek 0
      Ok thanks do u think a bobber type setup might work?
    8. brentnicol 0
      It varies. Sometimes I will have the bait sitting there for hours before anything and other times it's in the first 10 min. It's all about location and patience ...more @outdoorlife141
    9. nick vojtek 0
      And just let it sit on the bottom for a few minutes around brush then reel in and cast somewhere else
    10. brentnicol 0
      Better @outdoorlife141
    11. brentnicol 0
      I mean I would use something stronger than 10 lb. line. I use 50 lb. braided line with a 40 lb. leader. I put two split shot sinkers on the leader and sometimes ...more use a frog hook so the bait stays on
    12. nick vojtek 0
      Can u explain the rig a little more and 10lb line and leader work?
    13. brentnicol 0
    14. brentnicol 0
      I hook it just right on the tail for the body. And I hook it through the hard part of their head if you don't like that. Both ways seem to work for me it's ...more just a preference
    15. nick vojtek 0
      Alright but do you just hook the bluegill head thru the eyes and where do u hook it on the body if it even matters
    16. brentnicol 0
    17. brentnicol 0
      I'm not very familiar with those places but all I do is cut a good sized blue gill right behind the gills so the guts are coming out then use a leader and some ...more weights. Try near brush and down trees
    18. nick vojtek 0
      And what's a good way to start catching them
    19. nick vojtek 0
      Do you know any good places to go around cleveland or lake county
    20. christian christian 0
      @brentnicol nice @outdoorlife141 catfishin in ohio is really good
    21. brentnicol 0
      Yes @epicdude13 in a private pond in marysville @Ohiocatfisherman and yea I've been trying to get a monster but I keep getting them in the 24-28 in. Range @outdoorlife141
    22. nick vojtek 0
      I never knew that cat fishin in ohio was so good. I've been hearing about ppl catching monsters too. I'm going to have to try it some time
    23. christian christian 0
      Where in ohio
    24. PKfisherman 0
      So u did this at night?
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  9. Details: Channel Catfish with a stink bait

    About to filet

  10. Details: Black Crappie with a worm

    The girlfriend cheesin hard with a crappie