1. Details: Other Catfish

    Pretty nice one I caught a few days ago. Nice breeze, sunny, murky water, and cool water but overall it was a good day. I caught about 5 more

  2. Details: Other Catfish

    A nice cat I caught on the first cast

    1. KingofCats 0
      Looks like a channel cat to me
  3. Details: Other Catfish

    The blackest catfish I've ever caught

  4. Details: Other Catfish

  5. Details: Other Catfish

    Small one I caught

  6. Details: Other Catfish

  7. Details: Largemouth Bass

    As soon as it hit the water he hit it

  8. I have a small pond with lots of turtles and I need to get them out before I put fish in them. There is algae all over the top and hard to put bait in the water ...more how do I get the algae out and how do I catch the turtles?????

    1. brennan35 0
      It's small about 4-5 feet deep and many turtles @Cale but I'll show you a picture tomorrow and thanks for the help
    2. Cale Ellingson 0
      How big is the pond ? You might have to get a pool net and manually scoop out the algae . There are chemicals but they might harm fish
    3. brennan35 0
      Yeah thanks @Cale @MattLewis but their is so much algae I don't know how to get rid of it
    4. Cale Ellingson 0
      Jug fish them haha
    5. MattLewis 0
      Put a 2 ounce weight with hot dog on a big hook
    6. brennan35 0
      Thanks @SMCD920 but you got his #?😂😂
    7. Dirk Diggler 0
      Amen to that.
    8. SMCD920 0
      Turtle man
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  9. Details: Other Catfish

  10. Details: Other Catfish with a Hotdog


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