1. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout with a Jig crawfish colored

    Found a nice spot and I just reeled it in fairly slow with some twitches

    1. brcats 0
      Sorry I didn't see your comment it was at hyrum reservoir
    2. Lucas Pennington 0
      Where is this?
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  2. Details: Brown Trout with a Royal coachman

    Pretty little guy caught drifting the fly in the pools.

    1. King_Fisher 0
      Beautiful fish!
  3. Details: Brown Trout with a Royal coachman

    Nice brown trout caught drifting a fly in the deeper pools.

    1. King_Fisher 0
      Nice one!
  4. Doesn't get any better

  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Worm

    Caught this nice chunky bass fishing off of the bottom with a worm. We caught 2 largemouth and tons of little perch. Great fishing

    1. brcats 0
      Hyrum reservoir
    2. jake calkin 0
      Where at man?
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  6. Details: Channel Catfish with a Shad

    The one on the right was a fatty and was one heck of a fight! Caught them with shad fishing in a deep hole

    1. Mason Cizek 0
      One on the right is a fatty!
  7. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a Jig

    Nice little smallmouth caught jigging in a deep pool

    1. brcats 0
      Oh really? Yeah they are so fun to catch they fight so hard!
    2. alecrobb 0
      I want to catch one so bad but I'm in Florida there both in Florida
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  8. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a Grasshopper

    Nice bass caught on a grasshopper

    1. Colby Western 0
      Nice fish extra cred for jdrf shirt!
    2. brcats 0
    3. Gone_fishingg 0
      Nice smallie
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  9. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a Jig

    Little guy on a jig

  10. Details: Mirror Carp with a Worm

    Caught this crap in the current just had a bobber and a worm

    1. Fisherman_Rob 0
    2. brcats 0
      Oh I thought maybe it was but I've never seen any or heard of those being up here I'll change it
    3. Cale Ellingson 0
      Yes definitely a mirror @FISH_FEST
    4. Collin Collin 0
      That's actually a mirror carp. Mirrors have uneven, spread apart scale patterns like that one and are decently more rare than commons
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