1. What kind of snake is this it goes after our baits and we want to know if it is harmful

    1. Collin Collin 0
      By the look of the head I can tell you it's more than likely harmless. I've got I pretty good blert on snake IDing you should check out for future reference.
    2. brandon111 0
      Thanks @bigfish101
    3. bigfish101 0
      It's a harm less snake called a banded water snake
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  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Bait fish color crankbait

    Casted in the deep water at this pond and was twitching the crankbait every 3 seconds and he hit it on the 2 twitch and out up a good fight and jumped out the water ...more once

  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Dark watermelon fluke

    Slow reeling he took it about 10 feet of the bank. He jumped out of the water about 2 feet

    1. Mike Ammenwerth 0
      You bet! At anytime you can edit your blert by clicking the top right button. That way you can go back and add info.
    2. brandon111 0
      Ok thanks @Vinnyman42 it is just a secret spot that's why I didn't put in on there
    3. Mike Ammenwerth 0
      You bet
    4. Mike Ammenwerth 0
      Where did you catch this fish? You can also add the location, which will earn even more cred.
    5. brandon111 0
      Ok thanks @Vinnyman42
    6. Mike Ammenwerth 0
      Anytime you give good information on how you caught the fish, what you were using, etc. then you can earn a "book". A book on your blert lets other users ...more know that it has good information.
    7. brandon111 0
      And what does a book do @Vinnyman42
    8. brandon111 0
      What info did I provide @Vinnyman42
    9. Mike Ammenwerth 0
      I just gave you a book @brandon111 because you did provide some great info. Keep it up!
    10. brandon111 0
      Alright whatever just quit commenting on this we get it already @Vinnyman42
    11. Mike Ammenwerth 0
      If you keep up the foul language I will delete your profile myself. There's no room for that here. @brandon111 Please be respectful to others on this app.
    12. brandon111 0
      Well no shit it only works when it is open. Right when I put in in the water in went after Minniow so leave me the fuck alone we get it already @Vinnyman42
    13. Mike Ammenwerth 0
      @brandon111 The fish doesn't die immediately. It dies from starvation because of the inability to use it's mouth properly. A mind is like a parachute, it ...more only works when it's open.
    14. Mike Ammenwerth 0
      Let's all just get along now. His intentions were to educate not to criticize. @brandon_pierce17
    15. brandon_pierce17 0
      I love you you criticize us on how we hold are fish when you can't even do it right. Honestly piss off @whitebass_81
    16. brandon111 0
      Please tell me how we are hurting half the fish we catch. You don't even know us and you aren't there when we catch the fish so fuck off.. @whitebass_81
    17. fishinalllife 0
      I said and the fish is dead because holding it like that can break its jaw and the fish will not be able to eat. I Didn't mean to be so rude @bigc
    18. whitebass_81 0
      Just trying to spread let you know that they are hurting fish, because half the time they don't even know.
    19. fishinalllife 0
      http://www.bassmaster.com/blog/how-not-hold-hawg# @brandon_pierce17
    20. brandon_pierce17 0
      Fish I promise you that, it's just the way this picture was taken(it doesn't do the fish justice). So try not to worry about us too much @whitebass_81
    21. brandon_pierce17 0
      Alright man, I don't get why you feel the need to comment on my friends pictures all the time bc you're just starting crap. It's ridiculous, be a man ...more and let us do our own thing. We're not hurting the
    22. whitebass_81 0
    23. whitebass_81 0
      Actually, I heard about it from @Vinnyman42 . There is plenty of evidence to back this stuff up because it is a none fact that holding a bass this way can kill it.
    24. bigc 0
      ohhh yeah get em!@brandon_pierce17
    25. brandon_pierce17 0
      And also could you give me the link to the article you read or whatever on how to hold a fish? It would be much appreciated. @whitebass_81
    26. brandon_pierce17 0
      Well since it such a big deal to you, now every time we fish we'll bring a stringer and take them home to eat instead of releasing them bc of these long term ...more effects. @whitebass_81
    27. bigc 0
      oh I probably did no that you act like your a know all! no wonder your always on here instead of getting a life and trying to get girls oops I forgot girls hate ...more know it cocky boys like you! @whitebass
    28. whitebass_81 0
      Change your opinion over an internet conversation
    29. bigc 0
    30. whitebass_81 0
      Did you know that holding a fish like that has long term affects and it doesn't go straight to death but slowly starves to death instead? No, you probably did ...more not. But I'm also probably not gonna
    31. bigc 0
      Because its common sense! you catch big fish ohh so bad a**! if you werent there shut up! stop acting like your a freaking king because you are definitely not! we ...more are on here for fun not for your bs.
    32. brandon_pierce17 0
      Because we were both there when he caught it. The fish was fine, I can vouch for that @whitebass_81
    33. whitebass_81 0
    34. whitebass_81 0
      Holding the fish with the mouth open doesn't mean you have to kill it, how could you possibly know if it was alright or not? "
    35. bigc 0
      and yall werent there so shut up! sorry @whitebass_81 we hold the bass with the mouth open! and @fishinalllife its totally not dead and it was fine! get a life and ...more stop being negative!
    36. whitebass_81 0
      Jaw jacked
    37. fishinalllife 0
      And the fish is dead...
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  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Watermelon fluke

    Slow reeling fluke and the fight was on

  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Watermelon fluke

    Slow the fluke and felt him take it

  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a White fluke with silver flakes in it

    Casted it across a cove and was slow reeling past a grass and he came out and hit it he put up a pretty good fight

  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a A green fluke with purple flakes in it

    Slow reeling it and he hit it about 10 feet from the bank and the fight was on

  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Used a new crank bait

    Caught this fish in my new rod

  9. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Live lizard

    Out messing around one day with @brandon_pierce17 and was pulling it in and the fish took off with it and we pulled it in by hand to land this fish

    1. brandon111 0
      About damn time... It all started because you said really man a lizard... Wtf is that yeah a lizard get over it @whitebass_81
    2. whitebass_81 0
      I'm done
    3. brandon111 0
    4. brandon111 0
      And how you try to impress people on here @bigc
    5. brandon111 0
      Aw that's cute that you've been using a push button rod... I stopped using them when I was 10... That's pretty sad what you like 12 damn kid... Bigc ...more is talking about how your bragging about your fish
    6. whitebass_81 0
    7. whitebass_81 0
      I have to give it to you guys, you put up a good argument.. Not. Brandon, I used zebco's up untill about a year ago, so you can be quiet. @bigc what exactly ...more am I bragging about? How am impolite to the
    8. bigc 0
      oh yeah sorry I dont brag about stuff like that! Its not polite for the ungifted! @whitebass_81
    9. brandon111 0
      @whitebass_81 you probably buy those bait casting rods what cost so much... You probably try so hard to impress people on here also
    10. whitebass_81 0
      Yeah I doubt it..
    11. whitebass_81 0
      Yeah I doubt it.,
    12. bigc 0
      its small but got something else big for the girls @whitebass_81
    13. brandon111 0
    14. brandon111 0
      Also speak English... And your probably a want to be pro fisherman
    15. brandon111 0
    16. brandon111 0
      Damn he does smile like a gopher lol
    17. whitebass_81 0
    18. whitebass_81 0
      Ok this is a joke.
    19. bigc 0
      oh sorry did I miss something! sinxe when did I need to smile like a gopher and post pics of fish to impress people I could care less and thank you very much it ...more was 1.7 lbs get it right @whitebass_81
    20. brandon111 0
      How is that a problem just one bass pic maybe he just joined dumb fuck
    21. brandon111 0
    22. whitebass_81 0
      Are you serious? Sorry for being such a nugget.. And all I see on your profile is a one pound bass. @bigc
    23. bigc 0
      12 year old wanna be pro cunt nugget! @whitebass_81
    24. whitebass_81 0
      Lol what? @bigc
    25. bigc 0
      really man fruity ass bandana! @whitebass_81
    26. brandon111 0
    27. brandon111 0
      Yeah is that a problem
    28. whitebass_81 0
      Really man? Live lizard.
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  10. Details: Largemouth Bass