1. Day 2 - NNY Bassmasters Team Championship - Black Lake. Had just under 21lbs of smalmouth on day 1 (which had us overall at 3rd place heading into day 2). Complete ...more switch of fishing style to weedy shallow largemouth lake. We knew we were going to need a good anchor fish on this body of water. Luckily she came pretty early. We had a solid limit and actually moved up a spot and finished 2nd for the 2017 Championship.

    Almost all my fish were caught on Gajo Sticks and Gary Yamamoto senkos. I was alternating between the two brands for color choices depending on the water clarity at the spots I was at. I also caught a few pitching a (clearwater craw) bayou bug jig into shallow brush. Great way to wrap up the 2017 team trail season.

    1. awesome job bud
    2. Rich Pardy
      Congrats guys and a couple of real pigs in that bag!!
    3. Robert Coleman
      Congrats Brad! 👍👍👍👍👍
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  2. My lunker from day 1 of the NNY Bassmasters 2017 Championship. 40 ft dropshotting a rock pile with a Gajo Spirit shad 3.25 (green pumpkin blue hilite) on 7 lb sunline ...more and a 1/2 swagger tackle tungsten weight.

    1. Rich Pardy
      Man heck of a smallie dude!!
    2. Robert Coleman
      That is a monster! 👍👍👍
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  3. Day 1 - NNY Bassmasters Team Championship - St. Lawrencee River. Had just under 21lbs on the day to keep up with the group heading into day 2 on Black Lake for ...more a complete switch to largemouth fishing. It's anyways game.

    Fish were all caught in the 40 ft range dropshotting Gajo spirit shads 3.25 and Strike King Dream shots. One of them was caught shallow in about 1 ft of water.

    1. Rich Pardy
      Man what a bag of smallies!!
    2. Robert Coleman
      Wow Brad, those are a couple of Hawg Smallies! 👍👍👍👍
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  4. Snuck out for about 2 hrs last night and found a few decent one. 36 ft. Gajo baits spirit shad drop shotting again.

    1. Rich Pardy
      Nice one Brad!!
    2. Pete Garm
      hog smally!! nice! 👊
    3. What a Pig! Nice Smallie Brad! 👍👍👍
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  5. Caught a ton in the 3lb class range in that 25-30 ft range with the Gajo Spirit shad 3.25 size.

  6. Caught a really deep largemouth yesterday dropshotting too.

    1. Sweet shot Brad! 👍👍👍
  7. 5 lb 14 oz smallmouth caught in 37 ft of water off a rock pile with a gajo baits spirit shad 3.25 on 6 lb fluoro

    Smallmouth Bass with a Gajo Baits Spirit Shad 3.25

    1. Brad Paradis
      Dave the walleyes are hitting good. The reason I know this...I don't walleye fish at all and I am all of sudden catching them consistently by accident while ...more smallmouth fishing. So they must be biting well! haha.
    2. Eddie Goode
    3. Nice work Brad! Be up in a few days. How are the Walleyes hitting? Keep up the fun!
    4. Giant smallie! It's amazing how deep they'll go
    5. Wow, I've never been able to catch a smallie over 1 pound on th St. Lawrence
    6. Rich Pardy
      Sweet man, I never even thought of fishing that deep!!
    7. Hell to the yeah Brad! Awesome Smallie! 👍👍👍👍👍
    8. Brad Paradis
      Yes Franco....these smallmouth here on the St. Lawrence River are so finicky and you can see 30 ft down ....have to downsize the line.
    9. on 6 fluo? damn!!!!
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  8. Been a struggle for me recently but did manage one decent one tonight. Same as usual. Gajo Spirit shad about 37 ft dropshotting.

    1. Derek Stitt
      Nice Smallmouth
    2. Robert Coleman
      Nice Smallie Brad! 👍👍👍
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  9. Hit some eyes tonight with the gajo spirit shad. 25 ft range.

    1. Jimbo Harwood
      sweet.. thanks brad
    2. Brad Paradis
      JImbo it's a goby style soft plastic dropshot bait. They can be found at gajobaits.com
    3. Jimbo Harwood
      NICE EYE brad.. what's that lure look like? If you don't mind me asking.
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  10. Nice chunk on a gajo spirit shad - St. Lawrence River

    1. Rich Pardy
      Them smallies have their feeding bags on up there!!
    2. Derek Stitt
    3. Derek Stitt
    4. is that a blow fish or a bass!!?
    5. Robert Coleman
      HOLY COW is he thick. Did you get a girth measurement? Wow! 👍👍👍👍
    6. Morris Campbell
      Did that one have an inflation port on him ? :)) nice work Brad!!
    7. Jimbo Harwood
      that's a toad brad
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