1. Details: Saugeye

    Right below the dam. 10pm air temp around 60 degrees. Only fish caught that night but my biggest by far. Fish was released for someone else to catch. Measuring tape ...more was in my other box I just wanted to release the fish. I would guess 23+ inches.

  2. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Middle of May. Air temp 68 degrees. Buddy of mine took me to a private pond he had permission to fish. Casting parallel with the bank when this 5 pounder smashed ...more my frog! Second biggest bass ever, but biggest one this year!

    1. michael michael 0
      Right on I've seen some good fish on jigs also
    2. brad3507 0
    3. brad3507 0
      There was just a lot of grass and I would have had to Teha's rig it to punch all the way down through it
    4. brad3507 0
      @Slightchop yes you're absolutely right. That's normally what I do but the last few years I have really been fishing jigs but I need to get back to my worm ...more fishing!👍
    5. michael michael 0
      Nice one! You should try free lining a worm with no weight and twitch it.watermellon red fleck zeros work good
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  3. Details: White Crappie

    Did some kayaking and some dam fishing with my friend and my sister at burr oak lake. Fishing edges near down timber paid off. Only a few keepers but that's ...more the biggest crappie I can ever remember catching. 12 3/4'' 1.05 lbs

    1. Smalljaw 0
      Good job. Bon appetit
  4. Details: Smallmouth Bass

    Fishing the area below the dam near the bridge I was ripping my rattle trap off the bottom and letting it fall. I felt like this fave me the best vibration out of ...more the bait. Made two casts near the bridge this decent sized smallmouth smashed it! Biggest smallmouth to date! Daiwa tatula 20lb suffix braid st croix mojo bass 7' heavy

    1. brad3507 0
      There are a few YouTube videos of people fishing for smallmouth and largemouth . I only have a kayak so I haven't ventured out onto the main lake yet
    2. brad3507 0
      @outdoorlife141 that sounds awesome! Honestly I have just started fishing there and I usually just fish above the dam and below it in the spillway. As far as the ...more main lake I'm not very familiar.
    3. brad3507 0
      @Smalljaw no there is hardly anybody there at night. Just a few cars but I can always find a place to fish
    4. nick vojtek 0
      Tournament is on this lake on May 7th. Any tips on fishing this lake or key spots or lures/baits?
    5. nick vojtek 0
      Nice bass! I'm from northeast Ohio and me and a buddy are on a Columbus high school bass team and our first
    6. Smalljaw 0
      Solid smallmouth. Is the spillway crowded at night?
    7. Smalljaw 0
      Solid smallmouth. Looks like you were night fishing. What particular color do you find works best at night?
    8. EthanKitter99 0
      Nice bass!!
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  5. Details: Saugeye

    Below the dam. Water extremely low. With my headlight I could see the glowing of their eyes. ~9pm they were in the shallows feeding. Only lasted briefly but I was ...more able to walk away with two saugeye. My new PB 22 inches and one 16"

    1. brad3507 0
    2. brad3507 0
      @TennesseeTroutboy thanks man! Bout the daiwa tatula and they had a special offer with it. Just had to send in five bucks
    3. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      Love hoodie where did you get it
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  6. Details: Largemouth Bass

    7' st croix mojo bass 20lb Braided suffix on a daiwa tatula. First 70 degree day we had I was able to take advantage of in a couple farm ponds. No big ones ...more but it was all about quantity. Jigs and big joshy swim airs all day!

    1. brad3507 0
      @saltwaterteam thank you!!
    2. brad3507 0
      @Smalljaw nice! Better than nothing I was just excited to finally feel some fish on the end of my line lol
    3. Smalljaw 0
      Good job getting out. Hit the creeks on my end today and got a pair of dinky smallmouth on the big Joshy swims
    4. Smalljaw 0
      Had some success myself today using big joshy's. Couple dink smallmouth but was fun getting out
    5. MulletKiller 0
      Copycat 😉
    6. saltwaterteam 0
      nice looking dog @brad3507 nice fish 2.
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  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Swim jig with reaction innovation beaver craw. Caught this fish off her bed she smashed it! 3 FOW. Mushrooms were snagged in southeastern ...more ohio. Wouldn't let me post to hunting scout :/

    1. brad3507 0
      @hillbillyDeluxe about 15 minutes from Athens. Those are the only ones I have found so far. The season isn't full blown yet I don't think
    2. mike joppeck 0
      How south are u in Ohio no shrooms up here yet thinkin of goin wv buddy getting um good there
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  8. Wind was awful! Fishing this reservoir and pulled up on this point but couldn't fish it because of the wind. I got on the point and landed the yak. Casted out ...more into the point but the strike didn't come until I brought it between some massive rocks 10 feet off the bank in 3-4 ft of water. Only fish of the day but only fished for an hour because of the wind

    Largemouth Bass with a Green 3/8 oz green and red jig head with a reaction innovation beaver craw. 20lb suffix mono

  9. I ALMOST bought a scale today and now I'm wishing I had! Any guesses??? She was still deep I would guess 8-10 foot of water clear out in the middle as far as ...more I could cast from the bank. Popped the jig a few times after it hit and the fight was on! Pretty close to a personal best! Had our second consecutive 65 degree day and took advantage!

    Largemouth Bass with a Swim jig with a reaction innovations beaver craw. 20lb spiderwire braid.

    1. Cadenbrugger 0
      I'd say 6 lb
    2. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Huge !
    3. callumsparrow 0
      hard to tell but maybe around 6 lbs?
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  10. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Same bait and Crawdad trailor as before

    This might be the biggest or close to the biggest bass I have ever caught. I had some time to kill this morning after getting off work so I took on the 30 degree ...more weather and decided to give it a try. My reel and rod eyes kept freezing but totally worth it with this beast being the end result. Only caught two today but two really nice fish! Biggest fish I ever caught came from early season jiggin

    1. Sean Wilms 0
      Awesome fish!
    2. 9G3B 0
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I absolutely love hunting and fishing! It occupies my time outside of nursing school. I mainly fish the ohio river and farm ponds around southeastern ...more ohio. Bass and catfish are my specialty