1. Details: Brook Trout with a Powerbait and rooster tail

    Nice spring morning on the little marsh creek

  2. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout with a money

    Was at Walmart a few weeks ago and found these few things on clearance. Gotta like the red tag clearance section in sporting goods

  3. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout with a money

    Went to get my licenses and I seem to always find new stuff that I think I need. More power bait, more rooster tails and joes flies.

    1. Thomas Weiss 0
      I'm north of Allentown alittle
    2. bkeefer 0
      So your up near Allentown. Your about 2 to 21/2 hour drive north of me maybe one day I'll get up there @tomweiss39
    3. Thomas Weiss 0
      The little Lehigh, Jordan, coplay, and great fishing in the Lehigh river
    4. bkeefer 0
      What's close to that? I've heard of it I just can't place it on a map. @tomweiss39
    5. Thomas Weiss 0
      In Lehigh county I fish all over the place
    6. bkeefer 0
      @tomweiss39 what part of pa are you in
    7. bkeefer 0
      @tomweiss39 I live in Adams county but I fish Adams, Franklin, and Cumberland county.
    8. Thomas Weiss 0
      Can't wait what part of PA u in
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  4. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout with a night crawler

    Caught this big guy back in June 2013 fishing a small creek near Waynesboro, Pa. using an ultralight rod and reel.