1. Just a little fun

    Lookdown with a Sabiki,pompano jig,fluke

  2. Details: Yellowtail Snapper with a Ballyhoo

    Slayed em

    1. bigfish101 0
      Light em up fishing team I found u
      Whats the name
    3. bigfish101 0
      @AFTICA2_FISHING_TEAM yeah this is my profile pic my names light em up fishing team light em up is the name of my boat
      Do u have an instagram
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  3. Details: Mangrove Snapper with a Live grunt

    Hey guys toaday I hit up my favriote spot in the keys it's a little creek not seen in pic outlets by the weather tracker not the wide one and then it's almost ...more like a little bay also not seen in pic but I was fishing for snook because I've caught snook here before and this pig mangrove hit oh we'll fish tacos for me

    1. jackg3297 0
      Is this in the landings just before sunrise bridge?
      U should come to dania beach pier today
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  4. Details: Dorado / Mahi Mahi / Dolphin with a Rigged ballyhoo

    15 pounders all day on the troll

  5. Details: Dorado / Mahi Mahi / Dolphin with a Rigged ballyhoo

    Bunch of gaffers toaday on the troll

  6. Details: Blue Fish with a Zara spook jr penn battle 2 3000 with keylargo inshore rod 20 pound braid with 30 floro

    Hey every one yesterday after school it was a very ugly day I still went to anglins and got about 20 blues one PIG and my first wich is the small one in the pic ...more I was originally going for pompano with pompano jig but didn't have luck people on there peir were catching blues on top water so I swicthed and had a blast

    1. bigfish101 0
      @AFTICA2_FISHING_TEAM I can wear whatever I want
      Well typically when people are sponsored they only wear gear that they are sponsored by
    3. bigfish101 0
      @AFTICA2_FISHING_TEAM that is salt life geez
      Where is the salt life geat
    5. bigfish101 0
      Thanks @JustinGoodman we gotta go to anglins togther
    6. JustinGoodman 0
      Nice blues dude
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  7. Details: Florida Pompano with a Docs goofy banana jig aka pompano jig

    Finally got out fishing I was originally gonna hit up deerfeild (sorry @JustinGoodman) but I hit up anglins after I heard the pompano run was starting I got on keeper ...more pompano as seen in pic and broke off a big snook altogether I had great fish tacos😜

    1. bigfish101 0
      @JustinGoodman thanks (still sorry) I couldn't find anglins on the location list and highland was 10 mins away sooooo
    2. bigfish101 0
      @305tillidie ya only one keeper sadly and my friend
      Ya @305tillidie is right
    4. 305tillidie 0
      Only one of those pomps looks legal if that lol...and who told you the pomp run started lol all the babies around doesn't mean it's started needs to get ...more much colder first
    5. JustinGoodman 0
      Nice fish dude. And check your location
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  8. Details: Lane Snapper with a Net and tickle stick and shrimp

    Got out to the reef toaday and befor u ask those snappers r lanes

    1. jettihunter 0
      Those are mutton snappers
    2. bigfish101 0
      @matt THANKS MAN
    3. bigfish101 0
      @AFTICA @AFTICA2_FISHING_TEAM they didn't have green lines and when we were heading in a fwc guy stopped us to check our lobster and boat stuff like that and ...more he said the snapper were fine
      And lane snapper are all red
      Ya @AFTICA is right that is a mutton you can tell my the greenish lines on the back and lanes have to yellow stripes going side ways instead
    6. Matt Dobson 0
      Nice snapper man!
    7. AFTICA 0
      Those are mutton snapper @bigfish101 @AFTICA2_FISHING_TEAM
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  9. Details: Black Grouper with a Conch

    Strawberry grouper in the flats of the Bahamas

      That is actually a rock hind and strawberry grouper is a nickname for like 7 groupers
    2. sugarypinksand 0
      Pretty- neat!
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  10. Details: Black Grouper with a Conch

    Coney grouper in the flats of the Bahamas


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