1. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Smoke and purple senko

    Popping senkos of the bottom ...

  2. Slow dragging purple and smoke senko !

  3. Jameson , curado 300 , phenix m1 rod , let's go fishing!!!

    1. Will do thx for the info @bigbassbailey
    2. bigbassbailey 0
      Oh the upper lake from the dam right after they stock .. Just check castiac web site for when they stock@Basselstiltskin
    3. Castaic @bigbassbailey I've never fished it.
    4. bigbassbailey 0
      What lake are you fishing @Basselstiltskin ?
    5. @bigbassbailey this time o year what part o the lake u recommend for shore fishin ?
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  4. Two new swim baits ! Deps 250 hudd 68 !!

    1. jokerman8029 0
      I get upset if i even lose one of my 5$ blue foxes to a rock or log! Lol
    2. jokerman8029 0
      @bmlum I wasn't meaning to criticize anyone. I do apologize for seeming that way. I was just meaning I dont see the point in spending so much money on a piece ...more of silicon.. I mean. What if it broke of
    3. Champion 0
      Yea I have a couple those work well.
    4. bigbassbailey 0
      Do you have any plunkers ? @Champion they are great for striper!
    5. Champion 0
      The 8" zeros work we'll. I need something new for the stripers
    6. bigbassbailey 0
      Get one if you can and you won't be sorry the deps 250 catch big fish that's for sure . But I do like hudds . The 68 are great number 5 s @Champion
    7. Champion 0
      How do you like the 250's compared to the hudds. Completely different baits I know.. are you getting bigger fish with the deps. I mostly throw hudds I'm ...more thinking of getting one of these.
    8. bigbassbailey 0
      Fish on chat with you later@bmlum
    9. Brandon Lum 0
      @bigbassbailey anything to catch the big one. you did score that for a good price though.
    10. bigbassbailey 0
      Ya I don't care how much things are as long as they catch big fish with them cuz I can afford them @bmlum
    11. Brandon Lum 0
      @bigbassbailey yeah im pretty bummed, didnt have the money for a mother but I was trying to gey ahold of the negotiator top hook. oh well....
    12. bigbassbailey 0
      And I don't care how much things cost , as long as I catch bib fish with them cuz I can afford them ..@bmlum
    13. bigbassbailey 0
      Romans with the two top hooks are going to be super hard to get . They are going to stop making them @bmlum
    14. bigbassbailey 0
      Roman are going to be super hard to get cuz they are going to stop making the ones with the two hooks on top . They say it's to cost to much to make so if you ...more can get them do so@bmlum
    15. Brandon Lum 0
      @bigbassbailey yeah ive seen them go alot cheaper not too long ago. Now it seems like you are spending close to the money that a roman made mother costs.
    16. Brandon Lum 0
      money on one, just let them be.
    17. Brandon Lum 0
      @jokerman8029 if you can make them dont you think everyone would be doing that. if not ill take 5 copies of the deps 250ss. You know you dont have to criticize the ...more people who are willing to spend the
    18. bigbassbailey 0
      They are worth every penny ! @jokerman8029 they catch big striper Nd bigger bass not little rats
    19. bigbassbailey 0
      They are worth every penny @jokerman8029 cuz they catch big fish bot little rats !
    20. jokerman8029 0
      Why are they so expensive.. I could get an aullumalite kit and make them myself for so much cheaper... Would never toss a 180$ lure in the water no matter how good. ...more Just a waste of money.
    21. bigbassbailey 0
    22. bigbassbailey 0
      Right now it's hard to get them cuz everyone is buying them then selling them in eBay for up to 275$ I used to get them for 100$ 6 months ago@bmlum
    23. Brandon Lum 0
      a month ago
    24. bigbassbailey 0
      How long ago did you get yours for 150 @bmlum
    25. Brandon Lum 0
      dang I got my deps for 150 with no tax, brand new from a sportsmans expo
    26. bigbassbailey 0
      For the deps 250 @fishON423
    27. bigbassbailey 0
      A lot 185$. @fishON423
    28. Josh Parker 0
      I know hudds ain't cheap
    29. Josh Parker 0
      How much those cost?
    30. bigbassbailey 0
      Got mine at a friends tackle shop .. Tackle express @big_bass
    31. bigbassbailey 0
      Thanks I'm going to check them out @eastonsutley . Hope they have some at the Fred hall show in March
    32. eastonsutley 0
    33. eastonsutley 0
      They look really cool especially the carp. And should be tougher than hudds, because they are made io silicone.
    34. big_bass 0
      @bigbassbailey where did you get the slide swimmer
    35. bigbassbailey 0
      Not yet @eastonsutley but want to !
    36. huntingandfishing 0
      Oh I would rather throw a low-profile everyday over a round reel. I'm going to be throwing my 6" on my revo stx on a carrot stix XH 7' fast. I'm ...more hoping it will work fine. What do you think?
    37. bigbassbailey 0
      I throw my big swim baits on my curado 300 with no problem .. For me they just feel better..@huntingandfishing
    38. huntingandfishing 0
      For your big swimbaits do you still throw them on a low-profile or use a round reel? I hear the big swimbaits (8"or up) tend to grind the gears out of low-profile ...more baitcasters?
    39. huntingandfishing 0
      Lucky! I'm trying to get a hudd 68 weedless before they go away but I'm not sure if I will be able to get one! My hudd 6" that I ordered is still back ...more ordered! I want it so bad!
    40. eastonsutley 0
      Awesome baits! Have you tried any real prey swimbaits?
    41. Aaron alix 0
      would love to get my hands on one of those
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  5. 2 8inch plunkers .. Curado 300 ... Dobyn's champion series mag hvy and 25 lb seaguar ready to go !!!!

    1. bigbassbailey 0
      Never had that problem@big_bass
    2. big_bass 0
      @bigbassbailey I'm having a problem with my curado 300. When I jerk the rod on a slack line when the reel handles are spinning the handles turn backwards. Have ...more you ever had that problem?
    3. fishfoe 0
      What type of seaguar?
    4. Brandon Lum 0
      good luck!
    5. bigbassbailey 0
      I hear ya .. Throwing what I got tonight ! Cuz nothing open .@bmlum
    6. Brandon Lum 0
      the nice thing about braid is you can throw a leader on if needed.
    7. bigbassbailey 0
      Not mine either.. But not going to swap out line just for that @bmlum
    8. Brandon Lum 0
      ah okay, still not my preference lol. I prefer 80lb braid, even for my glide baits
    9. bigbassbailey 0
      I know it sinks but it works for the little time I throw them in the morning @bmlum .. Most of the time it is right after they stock so it's not a problem .. ...more The the big swim baits go on ...
    10. Brandon Lum 0
      good luck throwing topwater with fluoro, fluoro sinks which will jack the action of the punkers up @bigbassbailey
    11. bigbassbailey 0
      Ya it is lol @bmlum
    12. Brandon Lum 0
      please tell me thats not seaguar fluoro? @bigbassbailey
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  6. Good friends!!! Lol

    1. bigbassbailey 0
      They would eat anything you drop in there ! Fast
    2. bassmaster2000 0
      Do u ever drop lures in their and just sees what happens
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  7. Slow dragging a mighty bug black and blue on 6lb test ..

    1. NightSlayer 0
      Nice catch @bigbassbailey
  8. I have caught some crazy stuff!! But a bat come on !! Casting out I thought my line felt funny so I reeled back in and got this lol!!

    1. bigbassbailey 0
      It got hooked when I was casting then I let it go
    2. whitebass_81 0
      What happened to it?
    3. Thats insane!!
    4. j_reyes 0
    5. bigbassbailey 0
      They hit my line all the time at night .. Just never caught one while casting
    6. Oregon_Bass 0
      I've had bats hit my line while fishing at night numerous times. I noticed it's like they are attracted to it, super weird
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  9. Time for big swim baits !!!

    1. Sam_Glasgow 0
      Nicee!! I'm just gettin into swimbaits
    2. bigbassbailey 0
      Deps 250 are at the bottom of the lake lol that's why not in the table
    3. Alec Morrison 0
      Dude where's all the deps!!!? Lol got get a slide swimmer in there you won't go back lol
    4. bigbassbailey 0
      The girons are great in the spring time
    5. halfandhalf 0
      R the girons good
    6. Andrew Delaney 0
      @cameron_mcclellan u thought u stacked up on swim baits
    7. eastonsutley 0
      Wow! That's an expensive collection. I wish my lunker punker and hudd would come in!!!
    8. bigbassbailey 0
      I have more just would not fit in the pic..
    9. bigbassbailey 0
      Love the plunker too .. That are go to bait first thing in the morning for stripers
    10. JWelch 0
      Dang! Now that's an expensive collection! Love the Punkers man!
    11. james5nds 0
      I want a black dog shell cracker so bad they are out of stock everywhere
    12. lemesnil 0
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