1. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Dynamite

    Fuckin_ dinner killed all these bitches_ with dynamite an old method that has been in my family for years it's fuckin_awesome just throw that dynamite and fucking_ ...more take cover then BOOM all them bitches_float to the surface can't wait for a fish fry tonight.

    1. benski7 0
      Its fake @metalhead @dtkey @bassman3869
    2. Joey Russell 0
    3. beastyboy 0
      Shut up pussy_ @metalhead
    4. beastyboy 0
    5. beastyboy 0
      Screw you dickwad you can stfu because me not in jail now shit_ face
    6. beastyboy 0
      Screw you fuckin_ dickwad you can stfu because me not in jail now shit_ face@dtkey
    7. Oliver Ancans 0
      @beastyboy GROW UP IM SICK OF YOU
    8. dtkey 0
      Pflugerville is small. I'll be laughing when I get a call about the tow guy who got his boat seized, thrown in jail, and fined thousands
    9. beastyboy 0
      Screw you asshole_ you just jealous of my haul. I provide for my family you vagina_ face. Go ahead and cry about being showed up and then suck a big fuckin_ chode ...more @metalhead
    10. Oliver Ancans 0
      @beastyboy grow up you in-bread POS. Do everyone a favor go learn how to fly off the top of your double-wide
    11. beastyboy 0
      @dtkey oh damn_ bro I'm literally pissing my pants I'm so scared. What if he gives me a warning!! You are a fuckin_ retard_ let me fish the way my ancestors ...more did on the Kenai biotch
    12. beastyboy 0
    13. beastyboy 0
    14. beastyboy 0
    15. beastyboy 0
      I'm gonna let you pick the movie even though you always pick the movie and I never like it. But I'll let you pick it anyway... And then right then and there, ...more I'm gonna fuck_ you right in the ass_ :)
    16. dtkey 0
      sent this to my warden buddy, he'll be watching ya fag
    17. Isaac Carey 0
      I hope you get life you meth head, things like you make me sick!
    18. beastyboy 0
      Fuck_ you dumbass you suck cock- @metalhead
    19. Oliver Ancans 0
      That's real special man. I hope you get caught doing dynamite fishing. Ima laugh when you go to jail.
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I'm Rees, people seem to like me cause I'm rarely late, enjoy fishing, and like to fuck_ hoes all the time. Especially dem Asians. Mmm I really ...more enjoy me some teriyaki pussy_ if you know what I mean