1. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Milfbaits purple blue moon scooter stick! 6.46 lbs! Follow us on Instagram!! @milfbaits

    1. baylen_smith15 0
      @BrandonScottAlt could you post it please
    2. baylen_smith15 0
    3. baylen_smith15 0
      Okay can you post it and then I comment it??
    4. Brandon alt 0
      Oooooo... Only problem is the milf bait stuff. I won't be able to post it for liability reasons
    5. baylen_smith15 0
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  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a $$$$

    First chevron and on top of that made it a doubleπŸ˜… probably should've put an underwrap but oh well, what do you guys think??

    1. Bluefin101 0
      Yup. You wrap the ends. Just before you reach the tap cut the threads being held by the tape, and then take off the tape. Then continue wrapping up the blank. @baylen_smith15
    2. baylen_smith15 0
      To end it
    3. baylen_smith15 0
      @Bluefin101 I've only done this lol do you wrap the ends like a guide the take tape off and cut tag lines??
    4. Bluefin101 0
    5. Bluefin101 0
      It's ok. I think it looks great on the black blank! I just find it easier to wrap with an under wrap. The threads tend to not slip as much.
    6. baylen_smith15 0
      @Bluefin101 I think I should've put an under wrap..
    7. Bluefin101 0
      Looks good!!
    8. baylen_smith15 0
      And I'm not done yet either!!!
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  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Blue top faded into a silver body and bottom rattle trap

    No wind and a foot of visibility. Throwin up near some over hanging trees and reeling at a normal pace and then he barely thumped it I thought I had a branch so ...more I kinda ripped it a little towards me and then he took off! About a pond and you can barely see him but awesome picture on and iPhone!

  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a M.i.l.f baits original solid black paddle tail worm

    In about 3-4 foot of water 1-2 foot visibility saw em chasin shad

  5. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a Anything

    First meet up of 2015 was a success I would say!! @AllWaterLife @bassinboy01 @MulletHead @SwampMafia @makzymos @txfishgal75 @fishmatt72 @Reel_Smooth and tag others ...more too!

    1. Roman Cave 0
      Fishing is LIFE
    2. baylen_smith15 0
      Heck yes!
    3. Ignacio 0
      Definitely a blast nice meeting everybody! To be continued....
    4. Jacob Breaux 0
      He11 yea bro. Good times
    5. Txfisherman713 R 0
    6. Reel_Smooth 0
      Was a blast! It was great meeting you guys
    7. ThatOneFisher 0
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  6. $250 per rod need gone tonight! Buddy's fiancée is in hospital he needs to sell to help pay medical expenses!!

  7. $250 rod $200 reel need gone tonight!

  8. Follow us on Instagram @m.i.l.fbaits we will be selling baits and apparel really soon!

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      Thanks!! @ReelFishnTx
    2. ReelFishnTx 0
      @baylen_smith15 U got it!
    3. baylen_smith15 0
      @ReelFishnTx okay will do! Please follow us on all social media and help spread the word about us!
    4. ReelFishnTx 0
      @baylen_smith15 That's awesome! I love it! Keep me posted on ur products please.
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  9. Close up of finished product!

  10. Finished first rod ever!

    1. baylen_smith15 0
      @JoelQuintanilla I'm more comfortable with neither but I've only seen like 2
    2. Joel Quintanilla 0
      Text me bro so I won't be blowing up your comments lol (832) 754-0388
    3. Joel Quintanilla 0
      Oh dang lol I'm actually more comfortable with gators than I am with snakes haha
    4. baylen_smith15 0
      There big as hell tho!! @JoelQuintanilla
    5. baylen_smith15 0
      Well I have some but there in friends wood.. And have a few copperheads in them lol!! @JoelQuintanilla
    6. Joel Quintanilla 0
      Not any productive ones lol every once in a while I'll catch some in ponds but I usually fish saltwater or bayous so if you have one you wanna try I wouldn't ...more be opposed
    7. baylen_smith15 0
      I'd prefer to start out on a pond! Lol you know of any?? @JoelQuintanilla
    8. Joel Quintanilla 0
      Lol I doubt you would but I had to make that clear lmao and we could fish them on ponds or bayous as long as there's fish it doesn't matter the location ...more lol
    9. baylen_smith15 0
      Where would we be fishing in them at?? Like ponds?? @JoelQuintanilla
    10. baylen_smith15 0
      Lol well I have a car so idk how I would jack itπŸ˜‚ and I wouldn't but I only get in a yak to run a bait out and that was once I've never actually fished ...more out of one... @JoelQuintanilla
    11. Joel Quintanilla 0
      I have two! As long as you don't jack it from me or mess it up I'll let you use one lol
    12. baylen_smith15 0
      I don't have a kayak unfortunately! @JoelQuintanilla
    13. Joel Quintanilla 0
      Dang lol well yeah I'll be free weekend after next. Do you wanna fish from a kayak or off the bank?
    14. baylen_smith15 0
      Well I work Monday thru Friday so weekends are the only time I'm available @JoelQuintanilla
    15. Joel Quintanilla 0
      Yeah that works for me, I can go on the weekdays too
    16. baylen_smith15 0
      @JoelQuintanilla dang! Well uhm idk! The weekend after that?
    17. Joel Quintanilla 0
      Sunday evening*
    18. Joel Quintanilla 0
      Oooh, both those days wouldn't work for me. I'll be out of town starting Thursday evening and I'll be back Sunday
    19. baylen_smith15 0
      Yea! @JoelQuintanilla this Saturday or Sunday?
    20. Joel Quintanilla 0
      It's in downtown I'll take you one day if you're down
    21. baylen_smith15 0
      @JoelQuintanilla where's that??
    22. Joel Quintanilla 0
      I go to a bunch of places, I like to explore. The only place I've gone that I actually been productive each time is buffalo bayou
    23. baylen_smith15 0
    24. baylen_smith15 0
      Work Monday-Friday 1-5 and available weekends. Where do you go?
    25. Joel Quintanilla 0
      @baylen_smith15 I go almost everyday lol so what's your schedule like? I'm tired of going alone lol
    26. baylen_smith15 0
      And thanks! @King_Fisher
    27. baylen_smith15 0
      Okay just let me know @JoelQuintanilla
    28. Joel Quintanilla 0
      Let's go fishin. I'm in Pasadena too
    29. King_Fisher 0
      Nice looks good!
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