1. Details: Fallfish

    What kind of fish is that?!

    1. sportsfisher 0
      That looks a chub
    2. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      Either a fall fish or a large male shiner
    3. fishing_hunting 0
      Fallfish @bayaliss
    4. solorider4o8 0
    5. fisherman123 0
      Looks like a river/creek chub
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  2. Details: Pumpkinseed Sunfish

    1. bayaliss 0
      Well i dnt know the us size but was a verry small one with a small worms
    2. Tripp Cave 0
      What did you catch that guy on
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  3. Details: Pumpkinseed Sunfish

    1. Tripp Cave 0
      Nice sunfish


Frenchy have a good times fishing in USA!! Such in love for your country.. :)