1. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Caught my first one on a bed, second good katy ponds fish. This one just under 7lbs. Could have used her this past weekend in my tournament :/

    1. kbgozalo 0
      looks like me and my son might have to visit this location....first timers on Bass Fishing any pointers mann ...just moved to cinco..
    2. bassterd 0
      Haha come out soon buddy
    3. haydenkratz 0
      dang just started fishing in Katy and already whooping up on me😂
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  2. 6lb 4oz and I had I witness! Not bad for my second day out in Katy. This pond fishing thing isn't so bad after all

    1. haydenkratz 0
      got back bout 12
    2. haydenkratz 0
      yah went out at bout 7 had a pretty decent day
    3. bassterd 0
      Guy @haydenkratz
    4. bassterd 0
      You out slaying them today big
    5. haydenkratz 0
    6. bassterd 0
    7. bassterd 0
      To that spot we talked about by the golf course.
    8. bassterd 0
      Luckily someone else showed up with a scale. It doesn't look that big but it was a nice fatty! I moved
    9. haydenkratz 0
      looks like I missed out
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  3. FYI. No fishing

    1. Gabe Mitchell 0
      I've put a kayak on it before. Seems at least 30' deep.
    2. bassterd 0
      Thanks @MulletHead maybe I'll take my dive gear there next trip :)
    3. Anita_Bass 0
      If it's good fishing screw the
    4. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Old quary by Morton and Mason. Very deep water
    5. thedevman1 0
      Is that Katy or town lake? I see that on west and greenhouse road
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  4. When you sell your boat with everything in it and slowly make a come back 😔

  5. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Didn't see any structure but bagged 8 of these babies. Biggest was probably 2.5lbs but all 8 were healthy fish. Good times for my first day "Katy" ...more fishing but I need to find some hogs 🐽

    1. thedevman1 0
      Want big fish? Follow my posts and try my suggestions.
    2. thedevman1 0
    3. thedevman1 0
      Sweet. I don't know why I quit fishing these kinds of areas. I'm obsessed with horspen creek / Darren Goforth ark. Lots of big fish there. Good job!
    4. bassterd 0
      By bagged I don't mean kept. Lol all catch and release always
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I like all fishing, but Largemouth I love