1. Crappie and bluegill panfish tackle box

  2. Check them out and their go go minnow,jigs,fish attractions (lure flavor),and finally 1/8ounce soft plastic jig head

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      Fle fly.com
  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Not telling

    Nice little bass big fight

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      @hunter_nessen is right. You can leave out the spot but always include bait
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      Small ass fish
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      It is a yellow minnow that is what All my bass I've caught bite on
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      You really should always say the bait
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  4. Details: Green Sunfish with a Real live worm


I love to fish and I ride dirtbikes and fish with @Beetle_Spin he is the best fishing buddy around(My Father A.k.A a fishing buddy for life)