1. Details: Red Snapper with a Squid

    One of the bigger red snapper pulled in and this one my mom caught.

  2. Details: Greater Amberjack with a Vermillion snapper hooked through the back

    Awesome fight drug me around the boat, not the biggest one we hooked up on but the biggest we could land. The bigger ones we hooked up on would straighten the hook ...more or snap the line.

    1. Bart Bart 0
      I don't even know you
    2. majo 0
      Bitch I caught that fuck u
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  3. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a Squid

    Went 25 miles off shore and caught a bunch of vermillion snapper and a ton of red snapper but couldn't keep them cause federal rules and regulations. Also caught ...more this bull red put up a good fight.

    1. King_Fisher 0
    2. Bart Bart 0
      I didn't either but if your more than 3 miles off shore you can't keep them cause federal rules/regulations @King_Fisher
    3. Bart Bart 0
      I didn't either but u can't keep the
    4. King_Fisher 0
      I didn't realize you could catch those off shore
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  4. Details: Blacktip Shark with a Cut mullet

    Did a little night fishing on a pier and caught a little black tip but that was it for the night.

    1. King_Fisher 0
    2. Bart Bart 0
      One of those fish lip grippers @King_Fisher
    3. Bart Bart 0
      One of those fish lip grippers @King_fisher
    4. King_Fisher 0
      What is that your holding him with?
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  5. Also any specific rigs I should get for sharks and anything else that will chew through my line. Thanks

    1. nowling 0
      A lot of people use a penn 706 from what I've seen
    2. joe_26 0
      I like shrimp and cut bait for surf fishing
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  6. Going to be there all week so hopefully gonna get some night fishing in. Any suggestions on lures and live baits. Also trying to find a good reel for beach fishing ...more that can hold a good amount of line but is still able to cast and is durable. Thanks any help or suggestions appreciated.

    1. doug00g 0
      I would suggest getting a spinning combo
  7. Details: Spotted Gar with a seceret

    3ft and 10lbs

    1. Mason Cizek 0
      You're good man
    2. Bart Bart 0
      My bad @Mason_Cizek
    3. Mason Cizek 0
      Yep alligator gar. Spotted gar have way more spots
    4. Bart Bart 0
    5. Bart Bart 0
      Check out the tail
    6. thefishwhisperer 0
      Alligator gar
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  8. Looking through old pics and remembered this from fishing with @HoldenAdams

    Spanish Mackerel with a sabiki rig

    1. HoldenAdams 0
  9. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a crawler harness

    It was 43 degrees this morning and we froze our butts off

    1. Bart Bart 0
      The bass was 14 1/2 in and the pike was 18in but u can keep any size pike on houghton lake right now and only one over 24in cause they are trying to get rid of all ...more the small pike in the lake @metalhead
    2. Oliver Ancans 0
      I meant like the bass and the small looking pike
    3. Bart Bart 0
      Ha no my brothers though wanted too keep some of the smaller sunfish and bluegill so we let them @metalhead
    4. Oliver Ancans 0
      Just keepin everything?
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  10. Details: Northern Pike with a trolling a crawler harness

    Cranberry lake

    1. Fisherman_Rob 0


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