1. Guess they like crank baits to lol

    1. baitcaster94 0
      That thing was mean as a snake
    2. sam_lynch 0
      That's cool
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  2. Team shirts ?

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    2. russellg4 0
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  3. Starting a fishing team "eagle claw bass anglers" any takers?

  4. My 3 year son fishin

    1. big_bass 0
      Yep it is a warmouth I think.
    2. John478 0
      It looks like a warmouth If it's not it's a rock bass
    3. fisherman123 0
      The yellow belly tells that it's definitely not a smallie.
    4. fisherman123 0
      Looks like a warmouth to me @sportsfisher @ChrisA
    5. ChrisA 0
      On second thought I think it is a war mouth. It's hard to tell with the angle.
    6. ChrisA 0
      It's a green sunfish. @sportsfisher a smallmouth is more of a brown or bronze color. Look up pictures of smallmouth, there is a big difference.
    7. baitcaster94 0
      I thought it was a war mouth
    8. sportsfisher 0
      Nice smallmouth
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  5. Catch em all day

    1. russellg4 0
      Thats ok happens to the best of us
    2. baitcaster94 0
      I'm doin good I went fishin today but ain't catch nothen but hell lol
    3. russellg4 0
      How are you doing
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  6. 3 years old and already a great fisher

    1. baitcaster94 0
      Not to sure what this is I'm thinkin sun fish maybe


I'm 20 years old I'm normally from ozark Alabama but I moved to augusta ga 10 years ago I been fishin since 3 started at my grand pas pound catchin ...more shiners