1. Got a load of bites but only 5 fish

    Channel Catfish

  2. Details: Bluegill Sunfish

    Caught 40 in about 2 hours

    1. Collin Collin 0
      Bluegill take the dominant genes appearance wise but the Green's color falls into place as well as the larger than usual mouth
    2. doug00g 0
      The green sunfish have yellow on the ends of the its tails
    3. austinurcadez 0
      Oh alright. I really don't know how to tell the difference! But thanks for letting me know
    4. doug00g 0
      That is a green sunfish hybrid
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  3. Channel Catfish with a Worm on bobber

    1. Gerardo Rojas 0
      How much did that weigh
    2. austinurcadez 0
      No we were wearing gloves because we were filleting the other fish and gutting them
    3. Julian Julian 0
      Afraid to handle a fish?
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  4. Channel Catfish with a Slim Jim

  5. Channel Catfish with a Slim Jim

  6. Channel Catfish with a Slim Jim