1. Watching these yellowfin fly out of the water hitting poppers is what I live for.

    Yellow Fin Tuna

    1. Carsondunwell 0
      My contender up on the rack behind you
    2. Carsondunwell 0
      Is that salinity??
    3. TazmanianChris 0
      Ohhhh, thats makes sense now, haha
    4. ashton_c 0
      From the gaff. Lol @TazmanianChris
      Shark probably i guess @TazmanianChris
    6. TazmanianChris 0
      Awesome catch broski, but why is there a chunk missing? Lol
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  2. Watching these yellowfin fly out of the water chasing top water poppers is what I live for.

    Yellow Fin Tuna

  3. Fell 1.4 pounds short of the top this past weekend, great time at the Center Console Shoutout 2015, hosted by Pelagic.

    Yellow Fin Tuna

    1. Denver Rose 0
      Alright good job tho
    2. ashton_c 0
      The rod father didn't fish it. @d_rowz
    3. Paul 0
    4. Denver Rose 0
      Oh by Charles I meant the rod father
    5. Denver Rose 0
      Hey what place did Charles get or was he not in it?
    6. gkendus 0
    7. gr82bstr8 0
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  4. Details: Red (redfish) Drum

    Runnin the flats, chasin reds.

  5. Details: Inshore Slam (trout/flounder/redfish)

    New shallow sport!!! Ready to hit the south Texas flats.

    1. sjlara 0
    2. ReelGame Saucedo 0
    3. michael michael 0
      Looks good
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  6. Details: Red (redfish) Drum

    Managed to land this 39 inch bull red this afternoon. Not the winner but a nice fish.

    1. Reel_Smooth 0
      Good job boys!! Seen the whole thing. Great team effort. Even mom got her hands in there.
  7. Nice size jack deep dropping near a rig about 80 miles out.👌🎣

    Jack Crevalle

    1. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Drag taker!!
  8. This hoo was caught a few weeks ago about 80 miles offshore out of Surfside Marina.


    1. ashton_c 0
      I for sure believe that marauders are the best for wahoo @GunnerNewberry
    2. Gunner Newberry 0
      Sweet thank you sir! @johnybass
    3. johnybass 0
      Nice dude! @GunnerNewberry surface for wahoo. Troll marauders or big rapalas,high speed trolling feathers and casting wahoo bombs.They are pelagics so they like ...more clean water near or in between structu
    4. Gunner Newberry 0
      What depth and what do you key on for hoo's?
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  9. This cobia was caught about 80 miles offshore, behind a shrimp boat.

    Cobia (Ling)

    1. michael michael 0
      Nice one!


15 years old. Fish offshore out of Surfside marina, Freeport TX Bay fish in lower Laguna madre and Galveston bay Freshwater fish around clear ...more lake.