1. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a pink gulp grub

    dragging the bottom for flounder and this guy showed up!!

    1. alanmacias541 0
      @TXbestfisher it'll have to be the week after next... this upcoming week is nuts!
    2. TXbestfisher 0
      just let me know @alanmacias541
    3. TXbestfisher 0
      nope brother I can take a day off the week
    4. alanmacias541 0
      you off on the weekends?@TXbestfisher
    5. TXbestfisher 0
      what days are u off or what day can u take off bro let me know @alanmacias541
    6. alanmacias541 0
      @TXbestfisher let me know!! sounds fun! you have my number!
    7. alanmacias541 0
      thanks I appreciate your vote of confidence @fishallday ...I took some video of me releasing the fish I caught today...I may make a video out of that
    8. TXbestfisher 0
      I went wednesday I killed them I have video bro and then again Friday but water was to low so not as good as Wednesday but u should come out with me real good place ...more @alanmacias541
    9. texasfishingkid kid 0
      ok you seem like you would make awesome vids@alanmacias541
    10. alanmacias541 0
      @TXbestfisher thanks tony...you need to get a weekend off !
    11. alanmacias541 0
      @fishallday I do...don't make too many videos though
    12. TXbestfisher 0
      Alan I see u doing some fishing looks good bro @alanmacias541
    13. texasfishingkid kid 0
      Do you have a YouTube account
    14. alanmacias541 0
      I love mine!! @FishForFood
    15. corey 0
      holy crap that has to be the coolest thing I have ever seen
    16. alanmacias541 0
      @FishForFood http://www.ultimatewadefishingcaddy.com....I highly recommend it!!!
    17. corey 0
      what is it laying on ?
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  2. first keeper red!!

    Red (redfish) Drum with a bass assasin

    1. alanmacias541 0
      @marksjd hey man how you been? we need to fish sometime! number is 832-763-8175!
    2. Jhoroid Marks 0
      @alanmacias541 good catch my man how have you been
    3. Jhoroid Marks 0
      @alanmacias541 what's up my man good catch wish
    4. YakinTexasBrandon 0
      There ya go! Awesome catch!
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  3. flounder are on the move. unfortunately tons of people are fishing for them too!!

    Gulf Flounder with a berkley gulp grub pink

    1. TXbestfisher 0
      @alanmacias541 hey bro how u doing when are we going fishing
    2. alanmacias541 0
      @robz713 seriously!
    3. robz713 0
      Sounds about right god I wish people didn't like fishing just me
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  4. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout with a skitter walk

    overcast skies made the trout eat all day...only one keeper though... fought so hard thought it was a red

  5. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout with a gulp jerk shad

    happy to catch a keeper... thanks @brian for filming

  6. Details: White Bass

    tandem rig below the dam

    1. daviddarks323 0
      where exactly did you fish?
    2. Edward Pease Bomber1 0
      Thanks man. I may head down that way next week when I'm off. @alanmacias541
    3. alanmacias541 0
      bank @bomber1
    4. Edward Pease Bomber1 0
      Are you in a boat or in the bank?
    5. alanmacias541 0
      white and chartreuse panfish assasins
    6. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      They biting good down there? What size jigs,
    7. tonyboy 0
    8. alanmacias541 0
      sounds great @tonyboy
    9. tonyboy 0
      hey we doing this again soon how about some yellow bass this week
    10. alanmacias541 0
      Thanks for showing me @tonyboy
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  7. Details: Hybrid Striped Bass

    tandem jig...thanks for showing me the san jac

    1. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      Wow. I've never caught a striper there and I've fished there my whole life
    2. tonyboy 0
      yea @Jimmy_Lynch
    3. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      Where at San Jac? Below the dam?
    4. alanmacias541 0
      yes sir @tonyboy
    5. tonyboy 0
      no problem bro we should do it again @alanmacias541 same place lol
    6. alanmacias541 0
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  8. Details: White Bass with a tandem jigs

    great day of fishing with a helluva fisherman brian Scott...caught 13 nice fat whites...lots if fun on my st Croix light rod!!

    1. King_Fisher 0
    2. 9G3B 0
      Whhhhaaaaaatt sick catch
    3. Tripp Cave 0
      Those are some fat bass
    4. alanmacias541 0
      likewise brother...hopefully it won't rain but if it doesnt we gotta go again
    5. Brian Mcpherson 0
      Fish for day! Thanks for taking me. I had an awesome time fishing with ya brother!
    6. alanmacias541 0
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  9. Details: White Bass

    at lock n dam last year...hoping for another great run this year

    1. joshdschulte 0
      Thanks for the report. I'm taking my kids there this weekend.
    2. Jhoroid Marks 0
      That's a bet @alanmacias541
    3. alanmacias541 0
      its awesome @marksjd I'll be planning a trip in the next couple weeks during the week...maybe even camp. ..I'll keep an eye out for reports and conditions...I'll ...more let you know
    4. Jhoroid Marks 0
      This must be the spot you were telling me about? Wow
    5. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      I'll check out that forum!
    6. tonyboy 0
      yea I will bro @alanmacias541
    7. alanmacias541 0
      maybe I've just gone at the wrong time! let me know when you go so I can see how its done @tonyboy
    8. tonyboy 0
      3 or 2 gates and yes the withe run once that happens u have gar cat yellow bass crappie is good fishing there @alanmacias541 the shore is a good place to fish from ...more ive always had luck
    9. alanmacias541 0
    10. alanmacias541 0
      how man open gates open is good? havent been this year havent planned on going since lack of luck there...im on the shore may be better by boat...by good times you ...more mean the white bass run? @tonyboy
    11. tonyboy 0
      yea it does havent been there yet this year but I will next week and by the end of this month the good times are gonna start @alanmacias541 have u been there this ...more year
    12. alanmacias541 0
      thanks @tonyboy ...when's a good time to go? does it depend on how many gates are open?
    13. tonyboy 0
      u can catch anything under the dam ive caught it all gator gar in my picture, white bass, crappie, blue cat, hybrid, and striper nice place to fish im waiting for ...more the right time nice catch @alanmacias
    14. alanmacias541 0
      yeah I have heard below the dam can be good but never has been for me. just gasper and buffo..here is the whole report http://2coolfishing.com/ttmbforum/showthread.php?t=482708 ...more @Jimmy_Lynch
    15. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      Yeah I've fished below Livingston my whole life just never LnD. I'd love to try it. And nothing like a big fish on light tackle!
    16. alanmacias541 0
    17. alanmacias541 0
      I caught those two stripers on little grubs that I was fishing for white bass and 4lb line...it was fun...allegedly the striper run is later in the spring
    18. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      That's awesome. I've never caught a freshwater striper or a hybrid
    19. alanmacias541 0
    20. alanmacias541 0
      the two fish at the bottom of my picture are stripers...not a big striper but a big fish by my standards. ..ive never hooked a hybrid there but the ones I have seen ...more were nice
    21. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      Are there any size to those hybrids or stripers?
    22. alanmacias541 0
      and of course a bunch of white bass
    23. alanmacias541 0
      @Jimmy_Lynch I'm on the shore so I guess its a little harder...lock n dam is great for whites...there are also some stripers and the only natural hybrids in ...more texas
    24. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      I wanna get into some whites or hybrids.
    25. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      Boat. Below the damn has been good for me. You just gotta figure them out or find a channel or hole
    26. alanmacias541 0
      with the weather warming I may go soon but during the week to avoid the masses that flock there...below 'LL I have never done any good...are you from a boat ...more or on shore? @Jimmy_Lynch
    27. alanmacias541 0
      @Jimmy_Lynch last year it was good from mid January to mid march...the extra cold weather and overabundance of rain has pushed it back a bit this year
    28. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      What time of year? I'm gonna hit the trinity soon. I usually fish below Livingston but I want to try LnD
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  10. Details: Largemouth Bass

    fall 2012 from tom bass 3...3 in french fry worm on a drop shot

    1. Mrfishingexpert 0
      Oh sorry never mind! Just read description!
    2. Mrfishingexpert 0
      Is that at the sandpit off of Pearland PWKY when you go off on that dirt road?
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