1. aj6irvin 0
      Fixed it
    2. Hey man check your pin drop. I think it's your house.
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  1. Details: Grass Carp

    1. aj6irvin 0
      Snagged it
    2. Esgar Montalvo 0
      Yeah what bait did you use @aj6irvin ?
    3. MattLewis 0
      What do u use for bait
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  2. Largemouth Bass

    1. allenruf 0
      Nothing like fishing in the rain
  3. Largemouth Bass

    1. ssenn02 0
      verry nice
    2. aj6irvin 0
      Nah different spot @MagicYaker
    3. robz713 0
      Nice bass!
    4. Nice same area?
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  4. Largemouth Bass

    1. aj6irvin 0
      No we saw each other at the kkk meet @bassin54
    2. aj6irvin 0
      Oh ya that's it @MagicYaker
    3. Deer wood
    4. bassin54 0
      I think I've seen you fishing before?
    5. aj6irvin 0
    6. aj6irvin 0
      No like which course@MagicYaker
    7. Brandon alt 0
      Smile! That's s large fish!
    8. Pretty sure right there...seen tons of beds.
    9. aj6irvin 0
      Nah It was across the bank where did you fish yesterday?
    10. I saw that fish yesterday. Was it the one by the wooden bank in a big bed? Close to that green?
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    1. aj6irvin 0
      Ok thanks@MagicYaker
    2. Dock or launch? I launch from kings point, luces, or behind the y mostly for L Houst.
    3. aj6irvin 0
      Where do you dock your kayak ?@MagicYaker
    4. I fish near kingwood.
    5. aj6irvin 0
      I mean you fish in the east fork right?@MagicYaker
    6. aj6irvin 0
      Oh ya I just thought it was a sweet pic I live in the west fork so that's where it is...and I can't go anywhere yet because I don't have a car... But ...more you kayak fish on the west fork right?
    7. Or sunrise?
    8. You were just taking a picture of the sunset or what?
    9. aj6irvin 0
    10. aj6irvin 0
      Oh wait what do want to know?
    11. aj6irvin 0
      Its lake houston
    12. Details? I fish that area often.
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    1. jrod4him3 0
      Hey Carson its me lefty from baseball camp
    2. biglock 0
      Nice slab, young man
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