1. Details: Cubera Snapper with a Cigurterra

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      *shrimp. Adding to the level of toxin.. Kinda like mercury in other species of sought after of game fish.
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      Crustaceans ,when they get big can have high levels.. Those large aggressive reef fish eat mostly the small fish that eat the small fish and plankton.
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      (In hawaii) River mouths around golf courses and farm land where they use lots of fertilizer! Certain aggressive reef fish and barracuda have high levels.!! Also ...more the night fish that eat small
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      It's some crazy sh*t I have had a few buddy's in Hawaii who got it. It accumulates over time or one fish with really high levels can trigger it immediately-12hrs ...more later. The prominent areas it grows is
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      K srry u didnt read those @beastcharters
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      Huh never new that
    7. BTW... did you read the last paragraph "which countries does ciguatera occur" I saw southern Caribbean and south Pacific but nothing on the continental ...more US waters
    8. but hey... always good to be safer than sorry. Toss all those fish back in. ;-)
    9. what you posted is painting the subject with a broad brush. The reef must be infected by the dynoflagellates in order to infect the fish. our reds are clean. ...more reported cases generally from Bahamas
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  2. #ThrowbackThursday with this plectotomus I caught in a cast net at TY Park and then threw him in a bush to die.

    Plecostomus with a Cast net

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      Ty park @ea120454
    2. easton Armstrong 0
      Where is that at??
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      How much did she weigh how long was it
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      He's huge and thanks for killing it you did the right thing so you get cred 😄
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      Steven caught it in a cast net
    6. reefboi16 0
      Wise choice to kill it. It sucks to have to do it but those things destroy vegetation like wild fire. For that you got cred 👍
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  3. Got this six pounder while fishing on a golf course with @angler09

    Largemouth Bass with a BPS Micro Jet

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      Same one I caught
  4. Largemouth Bass with a BPS Micro Jet 1/4 Ounce

  5. Largemouth Bass with a Little spinner bait

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      Wow hammerheads
  6. Largemouth Bass with a Little spinner bait

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      That is a serious swordfish musta weighed 3-4 lbs
  7. At a golf course. I also caught about ten more this size

    Largemouth Bass with a Rooster Tail spinnerbait

  8. He was very fat

    Largemouth Bass with a Homemade jig

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      Nice dolphin
  9. Details: Butterfly Peacock Bass with a Peacock bass lures

    What is the best color lure to catch peacock bass and largemouth on as well

    1. I use the fluorescent "fire tiger" on crank baits and original black back/silver side Rapala for top/twitch baits
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      I've hear any thing that flashes or makes noises but I am not an expert in any sense.
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      A original ratel trap or a square bill crank bait
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  10. Thought it was a needle fish cause there is a lot around the area of the giant chum slick I had goin

    Ballyhoo with a Squid on a jighead


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