1. Details: Chinook/King Salmon with a Floating roe under a cork

    Caught my last and biggest king of the year this one weighed in at a little over 30lbs definitely a fun fight and I got some roe for the next fishing trip for silvers! ...more Tight lines and god bless

    1. fishing_19 0
      Nice gun
    2. fishing_19 0
    3. addicted_to_fishin 0
      Thanks and I got him at the ekultna tailrace in Alaska
    4. jokerman8029 0
      What river ?
    5. jokerman8029 0
      Nice fish man 👍
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  2. Details: Longnose Gar with a rattletrap

    43 inch longnose gar!!! The gar are spawning in the shallows throw a 1/2 oz rattletrap and hang on!

    1. christian christian 0
      @addicted_to_fishin the way I heard about it is just get a small bluegill or whatever bait your usin put some cotton balls on the outside and wrap your line around ...more it no hooks or nothin
    2. addicted_to_fishin 0
      Ain't never heard that one before might have to give it a try @Ohiocatfisherman
    3. christian christian 0
      Or cotton balls^
    4. nicleblanc10 0
    5. nicleblanc10 0
      Lol that's not very good... Try adding some rope it somehow! It'll get tangled in the teeth
    6. addicted_to_fishin 0
      Haha about 10 percent I had to keep sharpening the hooks @nicleblanc10
    7. nicleblanc10 0
      @addicted_to_fishin how was your hook up percentage with the lures?
    8. addicted_to_fishin 0
    9. addicted_to_fishin 0
      That's the biggest one I've see and last night was like the 3rd time I've used lures for em I usually bow fish with my buddies and there was about 4 ...more bigger females out there then a **** ton of males
    10. nicleblanc10 0
      Holy shit that's crazy! How many big ones do you nomally see out there?@addicted_to_fishin
    11. addicted_to_fishin 0
      There's one big female I couldn't get to hit that was about 80 pounds @nicleblanc10
    12. nicleblanc10 0
      Yea I caught some smaller spotted and longnose on the elm fork before while sight fishing for em.... Just wondering if it would be the same deal with the big ones!
    13. addicted_to_fishin 0
      Sounds good to me yeah basically throw abou 5 foot in front and 5 foot behind em and keep it moving @nicleblanc10
    14. nicleblanc10 0
      @addicted_to_fishin did you basically just sight fish him since they're in the shallows right now?
    15. nicleblanc10 0
      @addicted_to_fishin I'll make sure to let you know when I head out there! We can tear em up!
    16. addicted_to_fishin 0
      Haha what? @nicleblanc10
    17. nicleblanc10 0
      Alright man! Sounds good!
    18. nicleblanc10 0
    19. addicted_to_fishin 0
      Oh nice I've been known to do a little frolfing in my younger years lol @nicleblanc10 but yeah man for sure hit me up next time you head out there maybe I'll ...more head out there too
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    21. nicleblanc10 0
      I play disc golf right next to the barge all the time! I'll have to bring my fishing gear next time I head out there! Great Catch!
    22. addicted_to_fishin 0
      No problem @greatness627 thank you I'm going to make some nice gar cakes tonight @lainedillard yes sir he was @nicleblanc10
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    24. nicleblanc10 0
      Was that at he barge
    25. Laine Dillard 0
      Nice longnose good eating
    26. greatness627 0
      Appreciate the follow buddy. Cool looking gar, didn't realize there were so many types. Looking forward to your blerts. 👍
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Well moved to Alaska at the beginning of June from Texas and loving the opportunities to chase different types of fish it's great! Tight lines ...more and god bless