1. Details: Red Snapper with a frozen cugar minnows and live manhaden and pinfish

    45lbs amberjack I cuaght 5 miles from destin pass and I cuaght the huge red snapper

    1. adam_klamerus 0
      Amberjack @deerfish22
    2. adam_klamerus 0
    3. deerfish22 0
      What are the first 2 fish
    4. OBX_Fishing 0
      Nice haul
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  2. Details: Gulf Flounder with a gig

    First two flounder gigged of the year. Fishing is getting better where I live it's gonna be a great year.

    1. hockeye 0
      Oh I love those rigs @adam_klamerus
    2. adam_klamerus 0
    3. adam_klamerus 0
      Nah i was using some cut tunashark on a flakey fluke super dukey hook rig from k-mart
    4. hockeye 0
      Nice halibut what were you using wacky rigged worm? @adam_klamerus
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  3. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Cuaght this nice little 3 pounder on a 3 inch live bluegill

  4. Details: Spotted Hake Fish with a cast net

    I cuaght this in cast net but what is it ????

    1. CarpMaster 0
      Ok @SwampMafia
    2. adam_klamerus 0
      Thanks @SwampMafia
    3. Swamp Mafia 0
      @iTarponn its a spotted hake
    4. CarpMaster 0
      Looks like a Snakehead
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  5. Details: Four Horned Sheep with a cast net

    Cuaght this in my cast net I have know idea what it is but looks cool does anybody know what it is ?

    1. AllWaterLife 0
      Lol I don't even know how it got on the species list. I was confused when I first saw it @fishinalllife
    2. fishinalllife 0
      👌👌😂😂😂😂😂👌👌 @AllWaterLife
    3. AllWaterLife 0
      When in doubt, it's always the Four Horned Sheep.
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  6. Details: Red Snapper with a live bait

    None are keepers but had some good fights reeling in them 15lbs red snapper

    1. Charlie George 0
      That is weird shit
    2. hockeye 0
      Yah there's some weird shit 300 miles offshore one time there was there was a whole living room floating in the middle of nowhere @snigaligdigit
    3. Charlie George 0
      So you hooked and caught a fish that was swimming around with a gaff in it? @hockeye
    4. hockeye 0
      They caught it like that, somebody caught it and losses the gaff @snigaligdigit
    5. Charlie George 0
      Why is there a gaff through its eye if it's not a keeper?
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  7. Details: Gulf Flounder with a mirrolure

    Little flounder I cuaght up in a little warm water creek running into a bayou

  8. Details: Black Grouper with a shrimp,fiddler crabs,cigar minnows

    Rough day but fast decision fishing trip cuaght these

    1. cole_papa 0
      Scamp grouper?
  9. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a mullet

    Nice 24" redfish

  10. Details: Largemouth Bass with a fly-leach

    Nice bass I caught fly fishing

    1. bullseye16 0
      Are those camo costas
    2. adam_klamerus 0
      Bluewater golf course ponds @DILLON_BYRD
    3. DILLON_BYRD 0
      Where did u catch it
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