1. Caught several bass yesterday before the front hit. Bigger fish are starting to move to their post spawn areas same as last year. 8-15fow, vertical banks. Some still ...more shallow but the bigger fish were deep.

    Largemouth Bass with a tx rigged yum craw 4/0 hook

  2. Town lake still putting out quality fish. Looks like most are done spawning and starting to move to structure to feed. One was caught off a hump the other off a ...more rock pile. Both were out in the middle not the banks.

    Largemouth Bass with a tx rigged worm & craw.

    1. Jonathan Aljets 0
      Ahhh yes I remember now. I'm usually pretty chatty on the water but I was in a rush to catch fish yesterday lol
    2. _shorttx 0
    3. _shorttx 0
      No that was me fishing doubles on that that pond hopper under mopac. Didn't realize it was you till i looked at a picture of ur yak on IG or I'd have come ...more over.
    4. Jonathan Aljets 0
      Yeah I caught a couple of nice ones. Did we chat at the boat ramp? Ha if so my bad for not realizing! We should team up on them one day soon.
    5. _shorttx 0
      Thanks @jmoneytrain big girls are starting to feed up again. Was that u out on the bird yesterday afternoon?
    6. Jonathan Aljets 0
      Beefy fish dude!
    7. _shorttx 0
      No that's the sky line @Adriang523
    8. Adrian Gomez 0
      Is that at dam near redbud?
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  3. Hit the bird a few days ago and caught a couple more nice fish. Still hitting strong on the weightless worm fished slow.

    Largemouth Bass with a weightless tx rigged sinko

    1. Jonathan Aljets 0
      Nice one 👍🏻 from the yak too!
  4. Details: Barred Sand Bass with a live minnows and 1/8 oz jigs w/ small grubs

    Filled the freezer on Travis last weekend. Used the side scan to find fish stacked on dock lights and dropped it on their heads. Fish fry coming soon...

  5. Been punishing myself with ***** and skunks on Austin the past few months, so decided to hop the ****. Hammered this 8 and a few of her friends on the giant sinko ...more busting banks and rock piles.

    Largemouth Bass with a sinko weightless 5/0 hook

    1. Gabe Mitchell 0
  6. 24v 80lb minn kota fortrex 400$ Got a smoking deal on a new one so I'm swapping this one out. This motor runs and works fine. Only thing that doesn't ...more work correctly is the guide arrow doesn't line up with the prop. Easy fix. Central Texas area. Interested let me know. This motor new retails 1200$

    1. _shorttx 0
    2. _shorttx 0
      Austin / marblefalls area
    3. Walker Wilson 0
      Where you located?
    4. MusicCityBass 0
      You just can't pass up a deal like that man
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  7. Lil ol' 5 1/2 pounder from last weekend. Pitching docks 10-12 FOW.

    Largemouth Bass with a swim bait

    1. chesley 0
      Damn you're ugly
  8. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Headed to Ivey this weekend to try some new water. Any tips from the pros? Any if you guys fished it since it came up??

    1. Tad Box 0
  9. LBJ putting out like a prom date on the jig today. Rock piles and floating grass mats in 7-10FOW on the main lake. Light bites. Single taps.

    Largemouth Bass with a 1/4pz jig zoom frog trailer

    1. Caden Leavell 0
      Maps online or something that show points and grass on LBJ?
    2. Caden Leavell 0
      Yeah that's what we were thinkin after we left! Hopefully in a month or so they'll be more active...finding deep points and grass is a little tough without ...more a depth or fish finder...do you know of any
    3. _shorttx 0
      Try to find some grass around docks. Maybe deep main lake points @C_levi97
    4. _shorttx 0
      It's just that time of year man. Last time I was on lbj they were shallow in the grass. Haven't fished inks since spring so not really sure. They'll ...more be hiding from that sun I can tell u that much.
    5. Caden Leavell 0
      Haven't caught a single thing...we went to LBJ yesterday and didn't have any bites there either. I have no idea why we didn't have any bites at either ...more place.
    6. Caden Leavell 0
      We went out this morning on inks. We had to call around to find the boat launch tho.. I used a swimming jig, crankbaits,tx rig, buzzbaits and a few other things. ...more We've been out for a few hours and
    7. _shorttx 0
    8. _shorttx 0
      Yeah you can take a pontoon on inks. I'd say lbj is better for fishing but inks is good too. This time of yr I'd stick with a swim bait or something with ...more some action. Maybe some top water in the AM/PM
    9. Caden Leavell 0
      Thanks man! Is inks lake big enough for pontoons? And out of the two which has better fishing? And also like good lures to throw?
    10. _shorttx 0
      What do u got for me @C_levi97 ?
    11. Caden Leavell 0
      Hey I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about inks lake and lake Buchanan?
    12. _shorttx 0
      And the dam @fordelliott_22
    13. _shorttx 0
      Thanks Reel_Smooth ,@Gone_fishingg @m_cizek. Fished the south end towards HSB and the damn
    14. Mason Cizek 0
    15. fordelliott_22 0
      Where did I fish on the mAin lake?
    16. Gone_fishingg 0
      Nice bass!
    17. Reel_Smooth 0
      Nice! Good stuff
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  10. Details: Guadalupe Bass with a jigs, grubs, and just abiut anything they can fit in their mouth

    Love hooking into these little fighters. They are the pit bulls of the river. They'll hit just about anything they can catch and fight like a tuna. Don't ...more get very big but they sure make a hot summer day at the river worth it. Love to wade in the current and snag a couple of these guys between the big bites.

    1. Mike Ammenwerth 0
      Nice Lupes!


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