1. Details: Butterfly Peacock Bass with a Tilapia

    Slob pea caught last night!

    1. coltonrogers19 0
      Wow! Nice fish
    2. ecili7 0
    3. BigBuckMD 0
      Awesome! Congrats
    4. Andrew Alonzo 0
      nice fish!
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  2. Details: Butterfly Peacock Bass with a Live bait

    Little largemouth and pea with @coltsjesse

  3. Details: Butterfly Peacock Bass with a Fly

    1. ecili7 0
      I like the pic!
  4. Details: Butterfly Peacock Bass with a Fly

    Fly fishing is so much fun

    1. Chuck LaBruna 0
      Nice job, girl! Good to see you posting again! Curious, what flies are you catchin the Peas on?
    2. Christian Cisar 0
      glad to know your not a perv then LOL
    3. ecili7 0
      @KingCisar she is my daughter! LOL
    4. Christian Cisar 0
      dudes, she's like 13...
    5. ecili7 0
      @darthsteelius is not the only one ❀️
    6. King_Fisher 0
      What fly are you catching them on?
    7. darthsteelius 0
      im def in love with you
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  5. Details: Butterfly Peacock Bass with a Fly

    Fly fishing is addicting

    1. fagrhdhdfhf 0
      F'in creep ^
    2. darthsteelius 0
      did I ever mention the fact that im in love with you..nice fish
    3. Matthew_L 0
      South Florida, I'm in the Tampa Bay Area, we're too far north for these, they cannot tolerate a freeze.
    4. BigFatty 0
      Bet you're right @RafaelF
    5. Rafael Flores 0
      Florida I bet @BigFatty
    6. BassPacker5280 0
      Beautiful fish.
    7. BigFatty 0
      Where did you catch it? Thought those were South American species.
    8. Jacob DeRamus 0
      Freshwater @walleyebasshunter
    9. luke s 0
      Are those salt water or freshwater fish???
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  6. Details: Butterfly Peacock Bass with a Fly

    1. MusicCityBass 0
      What wt fly rod do you have?
  7. Details: Butterfly Peacock Bass with a Fly I found in the garage lol

    1. jurssica 0
      Try Card Sound. @fishaholic13
    2. fishaholic13 0
      I'm gonna make a trip down to south Florida just for these peas. Have far south are you?
    3. darthsteelius 0
      I think I may be in love with you
    4. Jacob Breaux 0
      One day I'm gonna go to FL just to catch a peacock bass. They seem like pretty alright people to fish for
    5. Paul Lukas 0
      @_salt_life_ very nice!
    6. Chuck LaBruna 0
      Congrats on your 1st Peacock on the fly rod, young lady, it's a beaut! Many more in your future!
    7. Isaac Carey 0
      Gotta love those colors!!
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  8. Video of me catching the sailfish as well as my family hooking up to some dolphin is on my YouTube channel! Just search up 'Kristen Cili'. Don't forget ...more to "like"!! :)

    Sailfish with a Live ballyhoo

    1. dylangtrue7 0
      I saw your video not a lot of female anglers go after hard fighting fish
  9. Details: Grass Carp with a Bread ball

    Massive grass carp!!

    1. Austin Buley 0
      That's about the fattest fish I've ever seen
    2. Holy Crap, what the hek did it eat!! Awesome catch. πŸ‘
    3. bad_bass 0
      Nice gold fish haha!
    4. Paul Lukas 0
    5. King_Fisher 0
      Great fish!
    6. Chuck LaBruna 0
    7. JustinGoodman 0
      Nice carp, that thing is a beast!! More info =more credits and more people catching monsters like that haha
    8. crookcody19 0
      What type of line and hook did you use?
    9. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      That thing is huge!
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  10. Sorry for not posting on here in a very long time... But I'm back! Got an awesome sail this week for my dads birthday!!

    Sailfish with a Drifting Live ballyhoo

    1. King_Fisher 0
      Awesome fish!
    2. Chuck LaBruna 0
      Great to see you back! I'd say that's a pretty successful B-day to your dad, huh? Nice job, girl!
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