1. Albacore Tuna with a deadly Dick

  2. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Some of my Megabass and Daiwa Reels.

  3. Details: Largemouth Bass

    60 Degrees in Delaware today with 6mph winds. She caught this Beast in 3ft of water with her Megabass IS73 on a Megabass 6'8 Griffon Rod.

    1. _Conway_ 0
      lol @gkendus
    2. gkendus 0
      Damn. I'm in Georgetown right now and haven't gotten a bite
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  4. Details: Northern Snakehead

    Caught 7 and missed about 10 in 2 hours

    1. justin 0
      I've been trying to catch these things alot recently. I need more spots. there's a few near me that have giants
    2. _Conway_ 0
      They are here to Stay. get use to it...
    3. _Conway_ 0
      Bass are an invasive speices.... Introduced in the 1860s... @FishHawk like i said do ur research....
    4. FishHawk 0
      well you dont know someone and tell them to keep my mouth shut they are and invasive species and bass have always been here. i think you need to do a little more ...more research. fun 2 catch doesnt make em g
    5. _Conway_ 0
      Bass are just as destructive.
    6. _Conway_ 0
      bullshit @FishHawk if you dont know what your talking about then keep your mouth shut. dont go by what the media says.... ive done plenty of reseach and know marine ...more biologists that think otherwise.
    7. FishHawk 0
      you need to kill all snakeheads they are very destructive to the ecosystem
    8. _Conway_ 0
      no all released...
      You kept them
    10. CherokeeMac 0
      We have bowfin here. I have caught them on plastics. It is a rare event. What do you use to get a hail like that
    11. aus_10 0
      The snakehead slayer is back at it again.. Nice haul bro
    12. buck7 0
      Is it a river or pond or what I really wanna catch one @_Conway_
    13. _Conway_ 0
      in Delaware @john_silvestri
    14. john_silvestri 0
      Where's this at? I have a filter for near me and I can't find any good spots for snakeheads lol
    15. Jackson Crawn 0
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    1. justin 0
    2. TroTro 0
      It's a snake Head
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  5. 1p.7lbs and still cant fit it in the pic...

    1. justin 0
      that's nice size to.. I wanna get out for them and some bowfin. nice catch though
  6. Details: Northern Snakehead

    10.7 pounds Baby. New PB...

    1. Dirk Diggler 0
      Nice job man.
    2. randall22_ 0
      Hope you killed that joker
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  7. Details: Largemouth Bass

    My New SEXINESS... Dont even know if i wanna use her. Ill snap if i get a scratch on her... All Custom Work... Drop Dead Sexy... #Megabass #Daiwa #Alphas #ito #YukiIto ...more #CustomReels

    1. Will Nemanich 0
      How much did that cost?
    2. Reel_Smooth 0
      Looks good!
    3. diggerman 0
    4. King_Fisher 0
      That's pretty sweet!
    5. Friderik Kundih 0
      not bad not bad at all 😊
    6. _Conway_ 0
      Yup im in LOVE!!! @makzymos
    7. Makz Jaramillo 0
      And it's left handed 😍
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  8. Details: Mirror Carp

    Delaware state record is 45lbs lmao... i destroyed it with a 62 pounder.... Caught and Released like everything i catch...

    1. _Conway_ 0
      @gkendus well i think you should message me on FB how to get to that path lol. im on ur friends...
    2. gkendus 0
      We can't give permission because it's a private lake but there's a path through the woods that I've seen people go through to fish
    3. Laine Dillard 0
      To have a certified scale with in 15min and a cooler over 6 feet long
    4. Laine Dillard 0
      I completely understand carp are my favorite fish to catch and I hate seeing people killing boatloads of them and throwing them out I love small ones smoked but ...more always put the big ones back I'm lucky
    5. _Conway_ 0
      pond that has to be over 75-80 lbs. but i rather them stay where they are. thanks for the hint tho.
    6. _Conway_ 0
      @lainedillard closes place to me is like 30 minutes away. and a cooler to fit her wouldve had to be over 5 foot. i rather not risk her life for a piece of paper. ...more there one bigger then her in the same
    7. Laine Dillard 0
      Was about a pound short because her didn't figure his net into his scale when he caught it but it was released healthy for someone else to catch
    8. Laine Dillard 0
      Load up a BIG cooler with several bubblers be gentle getting it to a certified scale and release afterwards I helped a guy out doing that trying to get a fish weighed ...more for a river record bass but it
    9. _Conway_ 0
      @gkendus thats probably the only spot i havent fished in delaware around us...
    10. _Conway_ 0
      @gkendus waiting on u and ur dad to invite me over to your spot. the one off 273 let me know if thats an option....
    11. JBBone 0
      holy **** u broke the state record
    12. gkendus 0
      Freakin awesome!!! Congrats on the record!!
    13. Dutchb10 0
      @Friderik @_Conway_ I understand and respect your decision to release it, i think it is stupid to kill a fish for it to be a record, kudos to you for releasing ...more it, as long as it is in your heart
    14. Scotty Scotty 0
      Booyah big mirror! Nice fish
    15. Jon_Marcus 0
      You right i might be a little jealous. Good job @_Conway_
    16. Jon_Marcus 0
      Ok @flomofisher.
    17. Dylan Garrabrant 0
      I'm trying to beat 20lbs before the season ends, any tips. My biggest is 15lbs 2oz
    18. Dylan Garrabrant 0
      Holy crap that's a beast! Congrats and good job on the release.
    19. Bob Bob 0
      Your just jealous @Jon_Marcus
    20. Bob Bob 0
      Yes it is @Jon_Marcus
    21. Sean Wilms 0
      Amazing catch, good on you for releasing it too
    22. _Conway_ 0
      i refuse to let them die just for a piece of paper saying i have the record. i know i have it, thats all that matters...
    23. Friderik Kundih 0
      and then everything for record and you kill poor fish @Dutchb10
    24. Friderik Kundih 0
    25. Jon_Marcus 0
      Thats not 62 pounds @GoneFishing1
    26. Dutchb10 0
      ^catch and release everything I catch
    27. Dutchb10 0
      You could of had the state record if you kept it!! I usually catch everything I catch too but when it comes to state records maybe change my mind a little
    28. Will Goodman 0
      Congratulations @_Conway_
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  9. Details: Northern Snakehead

    Saw all the Babies so i casted right into the middle of em and momma plowed my frog... Missed her a couple times before i hooked into her. She was just trying to ...more get it away from the babies. The last time she just had enough of it and completely in hailed it.

    1. Dylan Garrabrant 0
      Do you know if I can find them in jersey I hear they fight like a bitch
    2. BeachBum 0
      Nice catch, looks like a great location
    3. DaPikeKilla 0
      Good one
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