1. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Ultra Vibe in pumpkinseed

    It was a day of quantity over quality. No monsters but had a blast with over 50 fish in the boat on a new lake. Can't beat the power plant lakes in the winter... ...more 70 deg water temp out there today.

    1. Eric Rooney 0
      Welsh Reservoir?
    2. Tyrone Smith 0
      Wow that's an awesome day
    3. Peyton Dalatri 0
      70 degrees?! Thats crazy man id love to fish 70 degree water this time of year
    4. jason felter 0
      Nice largemouth bass!
    5. jurssica 0
      Beautiful fish!
    6. JustinGoodman 0
      50 fish man?!? Nice job man thats awesome
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  2. Details: Spotted Bass with a 412BaitCo Yoda 3.5" salt n pepper

    Decent spot landed on the Manley Rod. Super light bite but these rods are super sensitive. That made all the difference in getting this fish to the yak.

    1. WillSargent 0
      Nice rod
    2. King_Fisher 0
      Nice fish
    3. harrison3433 0
      YouTube vid for that?
    4. texasfishingkid kid 0
      nice bass
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  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a 5" white swimbait

    That moment when she spits the hook...

    1. rablalock 0
      That's always a sad moment:( But nice shot!!
    2. IronTexas 0
      Awesome pic brother!! I had one spit the hook on me today lol tight lines brother 👍🎣😎
    3. Doug Fogle 0
      Nice lake
    4. ReelFishnTx 0
      Nice action pic! @YAKnAGGIE
    5. Jose_Can_senko 0
      Hate when that happens but at least you got a cool pic
    6. Txfisherman713 R 0
      Awesome pic!! EPIC!!
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  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a 5" Swimbait - white

    Yanked this gal out of 40 foot on a recent trip up to West Virginia. Slightly different fishery than down here in TX but we found 'em with the kayaks.

    1. Robert Field 0
      @matfeo yeah it's the Kilroy, pretty sweet boat
    2. matthew johnson 0
      Is that the Kilroy
    3. How's that yak?
    4. diggerman 0
      Nice WV bass.
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  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a GoPro

    Please vote for my video "Kayak Fishing: 5 Days on the Devil's River" for Video of the Year! Question #9, go to www.yakangler.com/choice to vote!

    1. Kyle_Engelbert 0
      Nice pic!
    2. bigfish101 0
      I did it
    3. zach_pendleton 0
    4. TexasFisher07 0
      Ahh i cant wait to go there. Great pic bud!!
    5. Bruce Sachtleben 0
      Done! That is by far my favorite of your videos! Keep the awesomeness coming!
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  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Deep diving crank

    I'm told this is a good fish for West Virginia in November.

    1. bigfish101 0
      I was looking at you blerts and a lot of these are not on YouTube but you I think is the best on fishing skout and YouTube love those vids don't stop making ...more them
    2. pretty work!
    3. Bruce Sachtleben 0
      That's a good fish anywhere!
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  7. Details: Blacktip Shark with a GoPro

    New video is up. Come along for the ride as I catch big sharks from my kayak. Lots of good tips in it for catching big fish from a kayak and staying safe while you ...more do it. Watch it now at: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zRCT5pJNgBU

    1. bassmastershine 0
      Holy shit @Jose_Can_senko
    2. Fishing_Dingers 0
      I love all your vids..plz keep it up
    3. bigfish101 0
      For beginners sorry I keep hitting send
    4. bigfish101 0
      I mean gone rong part 3 I think it was very educationly
    5. bigfish101 0
      Especially the video offshore trip gone tong part 3
    6. bigfish101 0
      Ok I will I also just watched this video and it's great I love you vids there I think the best on you tube I have a fishing yak like you and your vids really ...more helped me learn safety and fishing
    7. Robert Field 0
      @bigfish101 the Devils video is up for Video of the Year! If you enjoyed it go vote at www.yakangler.com/choice. Thanks brother!
    8. bigfish101 0
      Nix shark love your videos my favorite is five days on the devils river
    9. Robert Field 0
      @cole_agouridis Hobie Outback
    10. cole_agouridis 0
      What kayak do you have?
    11. Jose_Can_senko 0
      I know right...nice shark...
    12. bassmastershine 0
      Jesus cristo... @Jose_Can_senko
    13. Jose_Can_senko 0
    14. crookcody19 0
      Love that the videos you make are long and not the usual 4 min videos.
    15. Bruce Sachtleben 0
      Found it last night (it helps that I subscribe to your channel). As always awesome video!
    16. fishcutmyline 0
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  8. Details: Spotted Bass with a 5" Zoom Paddletail, white

    Kayak fishing up here in West Virginia and the bite is super light. The sensitivity of these Manley Rods is making the difference.

    1. Alec Morrison 0
      I have to agree I think it's a largemouth but anyways good looking fish
    2. Robert Field 0
      The reel is a Pfleuger
    3. Robert Field 0
      The rod is a Manley Rod, best rods on the market. www.ManleyRods.com
    4. Robert Field 0
      It had a rough patch on the tongue, the dorsal fins connected, and the mouth didn't go past the eye when closed. I'm 95% sure it was a spotted and my two ...more partners agreed...
    5. Christian Holyoak 0
      ^^ Definitely a largemouth
    6. Peyton Dalatri 0
      Good fish but thats a largemouth
    7. SaFisher5 0
      That's a sweet setup you got man! Good fish as well
    8. TylersReelFishing 0
      And rod?
    9. eastonsutley 0
      What reel is that?
    10. ChristianK_ 0
    11. Mason Cizek 0
    12. Lunk_Lifestyle 0
    13. Sutton Dole 0
      I think that's just a largemouth
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  9. I've been nominated for Angler of the Year and Video of the Year in the Kayak Angler Choice Awards. Go vote for your favorites at www.yakangler.com/choice

    1. bigfish101 0
      Just voted
    2. King_Fisher 0
      That's awesome congrats!
    3. YAK_Addiction 0
      Look up Ross Gallagher as he has put up big quality fish out of a kayak. Good kayak angler
    4. Haha thx! @ChanceHuiet
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  10. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Tournament Series

    The nation's largest kayak fishing tournament trail launches on January 31st on the St. John's River in Astor, FL. HUGE cash payouts, unprecedented sponsor ...more prizes, and top competition from around the country. There are 6 stops in 6 different states followed by the KBS Classic. For more details, go to www.KayakBassSeries.com

    1. Robert Field 0
      @atxflyfishing I doubt I'll make every event just due to travel but I'll be at a few as well as the CCKF events. Look forward to seeing you there bro!
    2. atxflyfishing 0
      Will you fish kats this year?
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