1. Fished my first tournament today w/ @dragscreamer. Fished Joe Pool which is a slot lake so you could only keep fish under 14 in and over 21 in. Got our limit and ...more culled twice! Ended up with only 3.98 lbs but placed 6th! Also our school overall placed 1st. Congrats to everyone who fished @Fishin_Frank @ChristianK_ @williamd1999 @Becket_Holmgren

    Largemouth Bass with a Drop Shot Pink Roboworm w 1/0 Hook & 3/8 oz Weight & Zoom 7 in Junebug Trickworm on 2/0 Hook & 1/8 oz Tungston Weight

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      Your dumb
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      Thanks! @wolfman
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      Congrats to yall!
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  2. I was sleeping and then I started fishing

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      I think you selected the wrong picture
  3. Details: Arctic Grayling with a Black/Red Weighted Woolybugger

    Nice grayling I caught earlier. Caught it in the connecting stream at twin lakes where we flew into. Casted the fly into the current and brought it back through ...more it. I saw the grayling hit while others in its school fighters for the fly too! Put up a good fight and had a good day of fishing

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      Thanks Arnold @MainFishing
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      Sick fish!
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      Ok then @TheMotherFuker
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      Thanks Mr. Main! Ya I had a blast up here @Backlash
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      Thanks guys! @nextgeneration @seaturtles @King_Fisher @tkotattoos @bassman3869
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      Grayling, score! Great fish. Looks like you are catching everything Alaska has to offer.
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      What kind of trout is that? I've never seen thems before
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      Cool fish!
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      Bucket list fish!
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      sweet looking fish
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  4. Details: Lake Trout with a Vibrax #4 Pink Spinner | Shimano Symetre Spinning Reel | Shimano Clarus 8ft Rod | 8lb Fluorocarbon

    My first lake trout earlier at twin lakes. Landed the plane before the connecting stream between the 2 lakes and caught this right next the the plane. Casted out ...more from the shore and let the spinner sink to the bottom. The lake is very deep so it took 20 sec just to get to the bottom. Then I reeled very slow to stay at the bottom where the lake trout stay and this guy hit. Very cool looking fish!

  5. Details: Arctic Charr with a Black/Red Weighted Woolybugger

    Another nice char from earlier. Flew out to twin lakes and was fishing for lake thought off the shore. After a few fish, one of the guides and I picked up a fly ...more rod and headed over to the connecting stream at twin lakes. Waded throughout the flat and spotted 2 char. Casted past them and used a 2 twitch long pause presentation. This one hit right when it saw it.

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      Ya I about did half on the fly, half on regular rods @YakTX
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      Thanks man! @MulletHead
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      In ak you catch the most on the fly
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      You are living the dream bud. I added char to our list
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  6. Details: Arctic Charr with a Black/Red Weighted Woolybugger

    Nice char from today on the fly. Flew in on a plane to multiple lakes where we did some fishing. Saw a school of them breaking the water off 20 yards from shore ...more off a drop off. Wade out 10 yards and casted to the school. Did a few twitches and hit on the pause. Fun day!

  7. Details: Coho Salmon with a Vibrax #4 Pink Spinner

    Caught another nice coho today. Went on a trip where we went on one of those planes u can land on water and we went to multiple lakes. I was the only one that mostly ...more fly fished, but I picked up a spinner for a few minutes and fished the stream that connected 2 small lakes. Casted into the current and slowly retrieved and this female hit. Th the guide and I thought she was a massive bow ! Fun day!

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      I will give u gred, but I'm not happy about it
  8. Details: Coho Salmon with a Vibrax Pink 1/4 oz Spinner | Shimano Symetre Spinning Reel | Shimano Clarus 8ft Med-Heavy Med-Fast Action Rod | 17 lb monofilament w/ 4ft 40lb ...more leader

    These are my 2 keeper silvers from today on the Kenai. 50 dgr, 5-10 mph winds, little water clarity, overcast w/ light showers. Came up on a cove in the river and ...more set up in the calm water. Sat there for at least 3 hours throwing spinners to the edge of the current and calm water and slowly reeled while the current took the spinner. After catching around 60 pinks we got some silvers too. Great day!

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      @bassinboy01 @MulletHead can u add Arctic char to the species list I want to post a blurry but they don't have the species
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      Thanks, ya I hope I'll be able to come here again, I just got back from a trip and got some more. They are a blast! @seaturtles
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      sweet, i was up there on a cruise earlier this summer and im sure you dont need me to tell you that salmon fishing is a blast! i only had one day to fish and caught ...more one salmon but your beasting them
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      Thanks dude! No, I wish though! I'm here on vacation for about a week
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      Thanks dude! No, I'm just here on vacation for a week before school starts😕
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      Nice man your slaying them im jealous, do you have a house up there or something?
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  9. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout with a Cotton Cordell 1/8 oz Spoon | H20 Xpress Maxim Spinning Reel | Daiwa Sweepfire 7ft Heavy Rod | 17 lb Stren Fluorocarbon

    Finally got to our lodge yesterday in Alaska. Went out with my dad fishing docks and fishing out of a canoe using spoons around vegetation. Had fun catching these ...more little rainbows and can't wait for some more salmon fishing in the days to come

  10. Details: Pink Salmon with a Bait: Kodiak Custom Tackle Red Spinner w/ Skirt Setup: Okuma Trio Spinning Reel | Daiwa Sweepfire 7ft Heavy Rod | Stren 17lb Fluorocarbon

    Caught some good pinks today with my dad. On our way to our lodge, which will guide us tomorrow and later this week, we stopped at this river that looked good. Turned ...more out to be a great idea and we caught over 30 pinks. Waded up the river and all were caught casting and letting the spinner drift into school of pinks I spotted. 55 dgr, partly cloudy, clear water, 3-5 mph winds. Having a great trip!


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