1. Details: Flathead Catfish

    Caught this baby cat throwing near rocks trying to catch greenies . Around 8 at night before sunset. Water stained . Caught it off ultra light gear

  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Live worm

    Caught this two pound 2 oz bass on beautiful crown lake this morning in sunny weather but dingy water conditions around lilipads . It looked a lot bigger than ...more 2 pounds 2 oz but scale don't lie !

  3. Details: Green Sunfish with a Nightcrawlers and redworms

    And this one too

    1. PistolPete49 0
      I bet it put up one hell of a fight !
  4. Details: Green Sunfish with a Nightcrawlers and redworm

    Caught this good little Greenie on strawberry river in Horshoebend ar in rainy conditions in 2 FOW

  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Best way to fish a 5 in watermelon color red flake kvd finesse worm

    I'm going to fish the worm in sort of clear water there is a little bit of a cold front coming in water is about 62-68 degrees I'm fishing a pond with some ...more rocks. And a little bit of vegetation not much cloudy skies

    1. gkendus 0
      best for you. Try out a few different techniques and see which ones the bass like best👍🏼
    2. gkendus 0
      I always cast and let it hit the bottom, and then pop it once or twice and reel a little. I can feel the weight hitting the bottom after each time I pop it. That's ...more what I would do but whatever works
    3. WPS_fishing 0
      I'm texas-rigging it I just mean what is the best technique. Ex. Flipping it, dragging it
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  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a 6 in watermelon color red flake slug-go texas - rigged

    My buddy warren caught a nice bass flipping a slug -go through some brush At Marion pond

  7. Details: Bluegill Sunfish with a Caught em off trout worms

    Tore into a lot of blue gills today . Nice colors on him

  8. Details: Warmouth Sunfish with a Trout worms

    Caught this nice Greenie and mud bass or warmouth at my secret spot today . With my buds

    1. WPS_fishing 0
      And also 30 bream on top of that and another mudbass
    2. WPS_fishing 0
      And also 30 bream to go with that and another ozark bass
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  9. Details: Flathead Catfish with a Nightcrawler

    Caught this mudcat last year bluegill fishing but cat fishing is bout to start heating up here in Arkansas !

    1. Giff_Giffin 0
  10. Details: Green Sunfish with a Red worms

    Can't wait til me and my buddy get back out there and catch them greenies this summer like we did in this pic taken last summer .


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