1. Beautiful day to be fishing. Lots of bites, hard to hook em. Managed to get 1 small guy.

    Blue Catfish

    1. LaRodney Brown 0
      Thanks man
    2. Vincentbanuelos 0
      Fishing off the bank, but it's private.
    3. Vincentbanuelos 0
    4. Vincentbanuelos 0
      @larodney95 the damn is just to the right of the picture. About 150 yards.
    5. LaRodney Brown 0
      Where was this on placid?
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Love fishing for Catfish. I'm a very patient person. My record is 22 hours straight of bank fishing and I loved every minute of it. Lmao It can ...more be hard to find someone that is willing to hang that long when the bites just aren't happening.