1. Catching some decent sized bass off of bluegill heads.

  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Real Bluegill Head

    Caught him reeling in very slowly straight out from a dock. I caught it in a private lake named lake Ashby.

  3. Details: Blue Catfish with a my eyes

    Bass pro shops in Arundel Mills, Maryland, houses this beast in one of its tanks. 113 lb catfish! Btw, correct if I'm wrong about it being a flathead, I don't ...more know my catfish very well.

    1. Mr_fisherman50 0
    2. Mr_fisherman50 0
      Hey it's a blue cat. It's all right mon. There are a lot if catfish in this world. So don't worry about it. Anyways nice fish.
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  4. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a 3" bluegill crankbait

    Catching smallies along the shore of the new river. I highly recommend fishing here! I got 3 smallmouth bass in 40 minutes.

  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Gary Yamamoto 4" green speckled Yamasenko

    I was casting along the weeds and i spotted movement to the left so I casted there, reeled, then I let it sit and she picked it up and took it. 21 inches 3.5 lbs.Srry ...more bout the pic it was a bad selfie

    1. VAbassfishing 0
      Haha, imagine holding that hog and taking a the pic with an iPhone! Lol...also, I read up that the big bass have a small chance of survival if you hold them by their ...more mouths facing forward
    2. GivnBUSINESS 0
      That's kind of a funny way to hold a fish lol.
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