1. Details: Black Drum with a Blue crab

    Another monster he wrestled in the other day

    1. UltimateAngler_B 0
      Bridge connecting clear lake and taylor lake near boondoggles
    2. Billy WELLS 0
      Where was this at?
    3. UltimateAngler_B 0
      Yea it's a good fight. But not for eating that's for sure
    4. DaPikeKilla 0
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  2. Long time family friend gave me this reel a while back, he just unfortunately passed away before I got a chance to fix it up, but he would have loved for me to ...more do something with it, it's a Late model probally late 70's early 80's?, but a Penn Peer no. 109 if the numbers mean anything, but was wondering if anyone knew anything about it and or it's value?? Thanks

    1. Chris Skinner 0
      No problem bud
    2. UltimateAngler_B 0
      Well that's great to know! Thanks a lot @Cowboy713
    3. Chris Skinner 0
      Small surf setup,
    4. Chris Skinner 0
      Still a good reel, it's a model smaller than the 209 I take the level wind off for better casting distance, load it with some 14-20lb mono and pair it with a ...more 7-8' rod and you've got a great catfish/
    5. UltimateAngler_B 0
      Ok cool!
    6. dylangtrue7 0
      it like $25 dollar most, i know cause i a fishing gear dealer
    7. UltimateAngler_B 0
      Wow they still make this model?
    8. Travis Henderson 0
      They sell new for about $70
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  3. Made an awesome deal today, basically stole this reel for $10. It's a Penn Spinfisher 550ssg with power drag in it. Only thing I have to do is take it up to ...more FTU and since their a lid ended retailer, and parts provider, get a new crank for it, hints why it was only 10 bucks. Anyone know if this is a good reel for bigger saltwater fish??

  4. Details: Black Drum with a Same as last blert, blue crab

    Once again another great drum! This one was an amazing fight and release bc he has worked his way all the way up under the bridge, rubbing braided line on the rusty ...more covered barnacles, but turned him around and worked him In. Great couple hours of fishing on a Friday!! Yee yee

  5. Details: Black Drum with a Dead blue crab on the bottom of channel

    This fish was awesome! Another giant black drum! Under the BOONDOGGLES BRIDGE! Deep water= big fish in this case. Great fish, nice pic and even better fight. We've ...more hooked up with probally 7 or 8 fish of this size or bigger in the last 24hrs in the same spot. We got dibs.

    1. UltimateAngler_B 0
      Yea I know i accidentally selected a location lol
    2. Daniel Sampeck 0
      Well, it is nowhere near Aransas Bay which may confuse some as to the location.
    3. UltimateAngler_B 0
      Haha I know what you mean, yea we've caught 2 trout I the past two days as we'll not to much Bigger then keeper size
    4. Makz Jaramillo 0
      Not trying to come off mean at all. Thanks for the exact location though. Love fishing that area of clear lake/seabrook/Kemah and always looking for new spots to ...more try. How's the speck bite over there?
    5. Makz Jaramillo 0
      Got dibs? You are advertising the spot. People are going to try and fish that place now. Should've given a nearby spot.
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  6. Details: Black Drum with a Finger mullet in channel

    We were fishing for flounder and trout under the boondoggles bridge, and the dude next to me fishing in the deep channel with finger mullet, had hooked this monster!! ...more Fish was pulling pretty hard and kinda straining his surf tackle, got caught on a pylon, but I got on in the water and got it off, otherwise the braid would have snapped on the barnacles, but huge fish, 50+ lbs easy!!

  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Ratt-L-Trap

    Good sizer I caught in the fall down deep with the ole crank-bait. Probably high 3 low 4 lb. range.. Caught in (Horsepen Bayou) leading into Armand bayou

  8. Didn't hook this big dude but was fishing for bass and saw him and realized there was an arrow in his back from a bow, later he came closer to the bank and I ...more was able to get him up and take it out!

    1. UltimateAngler_B 0
      Yea I got that around his neck to pull him up out of the bayou an then I carefully got the arrow out of his back @amassie
    2. amassie 0
      Did you put that rope around his neck?
    3. UltimateAngler_B 0
      Thanks!! @kjmc31
    4. kjmc31 0
      Good for you!! Your good deed for the day has been completed.
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