1. Stripers, Blues (flounder & fluke on bottom)

  2. Guarding the fish and those who chase them.....

    1. Tony Tony 0
      ...they actually let me drive one! 🚤
    2. Tony Tony 0
      hey Proud Vet - don't ya like my CG boat pic. LoL ;)
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    1. brian115 0
    2. jacob jacob 0
      @SmackDaddy yep easy catch just make sure your rig has the strength to pull you in your yak twards dead weight
    3. SmackDaddy 0
      Id be trolling a whole jack behind it
    4. sharkingtrey25 0
      Saw that on shark week last night. For some odd reason I would love to try that some day it looks fun
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    1. Tony Tony 0
      no one is 'liking' my CG ride! ?
    2. Chris Hille 0
      beautiful boat
    3. Tony Tony 0
      ... someday...
    4. uberginger 0
      Nice ride!
    5. Tony Tony 0
      Hi hon, remember the 'plastic' boat you said I could buy? Actually it's called Fiberglass and ........
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    1. Tony Tony 0
      that's East River- thing I snagged a VW or a mob hit but no bass LoL
    2. Tony Tony 0
      ...threw a Sidewinder & Kastmaster out for a while- nothing- the East Ro
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mostly salt/cast - striped bass, blues, flounder - from Throggs Neck, NYC / City Island, LI Sound ~TS from NYC on Twitter