1. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Stanley ribbit buzz frog

    Hit a heavily pressured lake today. This morning was quite cool so I waited til midday. The sun was high n warming rapidly. I fished the windward side of the lake ...more which had a huge mat of vegetation that butt up against the large chunk rock of the dam. Constantly casting the buzz frog yielded 8 total bass with this being the largest n my PB from this lake easily over 3lbs

    1. TheBoog 0
      Yup great one @tkotattoos
    2. Tim Knecht 0
      Nice catch and info brah!! Looks like you had a good day!
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  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a 3/8 oz swim jig.. Yamamoto swim senko trailer

    Caught this nice bass using a swim jig around weeds near a steep bank adjacent to a large culvert.. He was in about 5fow heavily stained n hit as soon as the jig ...more worked out if the cover.. A lot of bass hitting schooled baitfish all morning

    1. TheBoog 0
      Thanks @MulletHead
    2. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Nice fish, healthy!
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  3. Details: Northern Snakehead with a Reaction skinny dipper on 1/8oz booyah spinner no skirt

    Windy about 80* w/ murky water.. First cast of the day.. Workin the swimbait thru wind blown weed beds.. He hit with in a foot of the shore must have been tucked ...more under the weeds growing from the bank.. With his violent head shakes u could tell immediately it was a snakehead.. No weight but measured 25in

    1. TheBoog 0
      Yup @collinroman
    2. collinroman 0
      Did u kill it ?
    3. Bluegill_Hunter 0
      Nice! Never caught one of those bastards yet
    4. Tim Knecht 0
      Haha I caught a small one the other day and all I had was my pliers to jam through his skull. @BrianScott come on out to MD man we got em all day!
    5. TheBoog 0
      @BrianScott they fight so weird almost like a snake they feel like they're coiling up
    6. TheBoog 0
      Oh yea @tkotattoos dispatched him with a large rock
    7. Brian Mcpherson 0
      Bucket list fish!
    8. Tim Knecht 0
      Nice one!! I need to catch one that size so I can eat em up haha!
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  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Senkos, worms, craws, swimbaits, dbl tail grubs

    Lil trick i use.. I use cheap chartreuse dbl tail grubs n other soft plastics n colors to create custom colors of my fav. plastics.. Chart. Grnpmk senkos, n red ...more pearl swimbaits are my favorite creations.. It's a good way to use old ripped soft plastics.. Def better then throwing them in the water or on the bank

    1. Tim Knecht 0
      @GizmosBait I was thinking about trying that first before spending the money on a mold.
    2. GizmosBait 0
      @tkotattoos you can make your own out of plaster of Paris they just degrade and break easily.
    3. TheBoog 0
      @GizmosBait @tkotattoos I was thinking bout molds too.. Thanks for info
    4. GizmosBait 0
      I'll look into it, thanks. I've been looking at doitmolds.com and uch.
    5. Tim Knecht 0
      @GizmosBait depending on the mold the prices aren't that bad. Check out lurecraft.com they have some real cheap plastic molds.
    6. GizmosBait 0
      I have a 5 gal bucket full.of plastics just can't bring myself to pay the price for a mold.
    7. Collin Gay 0
      I do the same thing. Mix red senkos with white flukes and it will produce a blood
    8. Tim Knecht 0
      Yeah man great tip! I do the same thing. I also have a few bags of ripped up baits I'm saving for when I finally decide to buy some molds and make my own! Melt ...more em down and make something new.
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  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Senko

    Does anyone know what kind of vegetation this is in the background?

    1. Tim Knecht 0
      Hard to tell but looks like some type of milfoil
  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a 5in senko 5/0 gama glock, 8in strike king recon worm w 6/0 owner

    Good day fishing.. Caught a ton of fish targeting saddles n holes created by bottom composition n vegetation growth.. Realized the bass didn't wanna b inside ...more dense weeds instead they lurked along side the holes saddles n lanes wher vegetation was thickest. Worked both baits weightless popping senko quickly and reeling recon constantly then killing it near openings

    1. TheBoog 0
      Thanks @tkotattoos I try
    2. Tim Knecht 0
      I see you getting it in! Great catches and info man.
    3. TheBoog 0
      Vicious strikes with recon worm just the shear length created a lot of short strikes.. Wait a extra beat use a large hook n use mono
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  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Culprit incredicraw 5/0 gama g lock Reaction inno. Skinny dipper weighted 3/0 3/16 oz swim bait hook

    Grabbed some new soft plastics. The incredicraw had nice swimming action n moving appendages also punched weeds well.. Caught a few with long pulls off the bottom.. ...more Caught the biggest on the skinny dipper which his a great roll n tail kick.. 80 strong NW wind caught most fish on wind blown banks n deep weed lines..

    1. Tim Knecht 0
      Those things are tasty!! That color is killer too!!
    2. TheBoog 0
      @tkotattoos incredicraw action.. Thanks
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  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a White fluke VMC 4/0 screw lock, VMC 1/16 tungsten bullet, strkng 3/8oz shad swim jig keitech blue pearl swing impact trailer

    Calm hot still mid afternoon lightbreeze.. Submerged weeds thru-out.. No top water bites at all.. Tried fluke twitching aggressively to holes in weeds n deepest ...more nlweed lines.. 2nd cast the biggest hit weighed in @ 3# 5oz.. Caught the smaller swimmn the jig ultra slow with a few random pops.. Overall good day lotta fish and learned a lot about midday summer fishing

    1. TheBoog 0
      Exactly.. So u see what I did ther huh @tkotattoos
    2. TheBoog 0
      Yes exactly.. So u see what I did ther huh
    3. Tim Knecht 0
      Love when I get the time to try and learn new things. Even if I only get a few catches or even just bites it's very rewarding
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  9. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Watermelon red, n green pumpkin senkos 4/0 owner EWG

    Caught about 8 fish today at Allen's pond.. Warm sunny day 88* out with a slight sw wind.. Targeted fish in shade n outside weed lines.. I caught all the fish ...more reeling a Texas rigged senko tho the top of the water then letting it fall all the way down

  10. Details: Largemouth Bass with a zara spook, pearl swimn caffeine shad

    Cloudy humid 75dgrs. Strong NW wind. Caught fish swimming the caffeine shad around weed lines n steeper drops.. Also caught fish on top water on a spook.. Best hits ...more came on points getting direct wind.. The biggest fish of the day had a huge head skinny body im guessing post spawn weighed in at 3lb 12oz