1. I am really sad to say after I caught this baby on Saturday, I lost my Fishidy hat in the Big G :( It started storming and was so windy it just flew off my head.. ...more I think I may cry.

    1. It is a loss once you get a hat broke in just right!😪
    2. You guys are funny! Thanks everyone and Shawn Gearinger, I have also... but I liked this one lol At least it wasn't my Alabama hat ;) Roll Tide Yall
    3. Noooooooo!!!!! We need a Fishidy moment of silence........................... sorry for your loss, but great Bass!!!👍👍👍👍👍
    4. I have donated a few hats to the deep. I am sure you can get a new one. Great catch!!
    5. Nice Bass!!! Fishidy should send you 2 hats just in case this happens again.
    6. Great catch!! 👍 that almost made me cry 😢😢 😂 for real though, sorry for the loss! Chris is right, im SURE they will send you another! 😁
    7. Lol thanks Capt Morris Campell
    8. I thought the bass ate it!!!! Nice bass Melody
    9. haha thanks Christopher!
    10. eh they'll send you another one!
    11. lol thanks
    12. Nice fish! Sorry about the hat!
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  2. Smallmouth Bass with a zoom watermelon red ringworm

    1. Nice one Melody! 👍
    2. Nice bass Melody!!!
    3. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Nice smallie!!
    4. Roger Parker 0
      Nice catch!! I thought that log in the background was a monster fish jumping up chasing a lure!!! Lol... I must have fishing fever,, everything I see is fish..
    5. Nice, Mel !!!
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  3. Smallmouth Bass with a zoom watermelon red ringworm

    1. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice smallie!!
    2. Bryan Harper 0
      Right on!
    3. Nice!!!
    4. That looks like another fat bamma..baby! Nice catch
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  4. Smallmouth Bass with a zoom watermelon red ringworm

    1. Mel, I'm jealous of those LIKE numbers!! LOL
    2. Robert Coleman 0
      Nice Smallie and great picture Melody! 👍👍👍
    3. thanks y'all
    4. Bryan Harper 0
      Awesome! Congrats!
    5. Nice smallmouth Melody!!
    6. john stimson 0
      nice catch
    7. Nice smallie Melody👍
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  5. My 10 year old wearing them out! Kinley

    Large Mouth Bass with a Berkley Blue Flek 7" Worm

    1. Awesome!! Nothing like the smell of Bass in the morning :)
    2. Great catch!!!! Nothing more exciting!!!
    3. scott clark 0
      nice job kiddo
    4. LORD have mercy, Y'all kill em don't ya?😊
    5. john stimson 0
      nice catch, like the bug above her head cool pic
    6. Jimbo Harwood 0
      great catch young lady!
    7. That's a nice one!
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  6. Raise em right! #BadBassGirls #10yearsoldKillingit #GuntersvilleLake

    1. Ronald Howell 0
      Great catch.
    2. That's a fine bass young lady!!! Congrats.
    3. Thanks Y'all and very funny Shawn!
    4. David Renard 0
      wtg young lady...
    5. Great catch! Bigger than mom's!
    6. Taylor Glover 0
      good job young lady!
    7. 👏
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  7. Honey skipped work with me too ;)

    1. lol Shawn.. and thanks yall!
    2. Derek Stitt 0
    3. Nice one Melody!!! The fish, lol!!
    4. He's pretty good. I think i'll keep him haha.. (the catcher .. not the fish lol)
    5. That's the way to do it!!! Nice one
    6. Haha Don't care if they are. LOL
    7. Jimbo Harwood 0
      GREAT CATCH guys!
    8. Robert Coleman 0
      Hope no coworkers are on this site! Lol
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  8. #SkipWork #GoFishin #GuntersvilleLake

    1. ronald duprey 0
      way to go mel
    2. Derek Stitt 0
      That beats work!!
    3. Great catch Melody!!
    4. Nice bass.....good looking fish
    5. For real Christopher haha! Thanks Morris!
    6. work is overrated anyway
    7. Very nice !! Great day fishing!!!
    8. Thanks and it was a great day Robert!
    9. Jimbo Harwood 0
      nice Catch!
    10. Robert Coleman 0
      Nice bass in all weather! 👍👍
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  9. Guntersville Lake

    1. Thanks guys!
    2. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice day of bassin guys!!
    3. Nice bass!
    4. I am on Guntersville Lake just about every weekend. I am sure you can find something online. I hope you have a great time and catch a lot of fish! It is my favorite ...more bass fishing spot for sure. October is also a good time to throw some frogs up on the mats!
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  10. #SundayFunday #GuntersvilleLake #GuntersvilleAL #AlabamaBass

    1. Nice catches!!!


I am a girl.. yes, fishing is my way of life. I love my Alabama football and catching big bass! “Look at where Jesus went to pick people. He ...more didn’t go to the colleges… he got guys off the fishing docks.” - Jeff Foxworthy

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