1. Who wants to take me Deep Sea Fishing? HAHAHAHAHAHA Let's go! #DyingToGoBack

    1. Melody Sharp
      Aint that the truth!
    2. Shawn Gearinger
      Time to do any kind of fishing! Every day fishing is better than any day working! :-)
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  3. Lots of fun catching these.


    LOL this is not Proud Mary... Fishin' on the River!

    1. Melody Sharp
      U so funny Kelly!
    2. Melody Sharp
      lol Kelly! I post songs on fb all the time!
    3. Kelly Wood
      didnt know you were a kuntry sanger!!! you can look in my tackle box anytimes!!!
    4. Melody Sharp
      lol Thanks Rich
    5. Rich Pardy
      haha, good stuff!!
    6. Melody Sharp
      haha I got bored one day at work lol
    7. john stimson
      thats great
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  5. We have an awesome event coming up next Monday night from 8-10pm ET! Eddie Goode, one of your fellow Fishidy fans, will be hosting and sharing his expertise about ...more better understanding Lowrance units, finding fish, and discussing his system for waypoint management. He does this seminar all across the country for clubs, college/high school teams, and tournament organizations. From what I've heard - it's incredibly valuable - so we'd like to get the word out to as many as we can.

    Here's the link to register:

    Please re-post this link and image to your own followers here on Fishidy and feel free to share across the interwebs on your own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. accounts.

    Thanks a bunch!

    1. Melody Sharp
      No problem Eddie!
    2. Eddie Goode
      Melody thanks for sharing.
    3. justin stoltzfus
      I am in. Appreciate it
    4. Jon Giacalone
      @Justin, registration for Eddie's webinar is open once again:
    5. Jon Giacalone
      Melody, thanks for sharing! Justin, we've maxed out our free version limit for participants and we're working on options to open it up to more right now. ...more Standby!
    6. justin stoltzfus
      it says it is full
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  6. Fall time

    1. Melody Sharp
      That's Right!
    2. Braxton Lewis
    3. Braxton Lewis
      Time for small mouth
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  7. anyone know what this is? bright orange on tip of tail and tip of lower fins

    1. Scott Sime
      Maybe a shellcracker
    2. Sean Ratterman
      Sunfish maybe a perch
    3. Braxton Lewis
    4. Braxton Lewis
    5. Shawn Gearinger
      Looks like a green sunfish.
    6. cheston sikes
      green sunfish
    7. Craig Timm Sr.
      Rock Bass
    8. Craig Timm Sr.
      Looks like a Rick Bass
    9. Mitch Roth
      gonna agree with the green sunfish, they always have that orange around their back fin
    10. Jonah Switzer
      I agree, Green Sunfish mixed with some other sunfish. Happens all the time
    11. Melody Sharp
      it is closest to a green sunfish hybrid
    12. Tyler Curry
      I think the one a few days ago was a Rock Bass.
    13. Jacob Maki
      Answered this a few days ago, a warmouth
    14. Tyler Curry
    15. Morris Campbell
      Looks like a warmouth perch
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  8. Who's ready for Spring?!?!?

    1. Melody Sharp
      No kidding @Scott Sorrell!! I am so ready!!
    2. Scott Sorrell
      Cant wait for spring....My Bass Pro Shop order is already in my boat.....that is stored in the barn for a couple more
    3. Melody Sharp
      Sounds great! Hope i get to do that one day!
    4. scott Colegrove
      Don't forget for you and your family to take a trip to Michigan and enjoy the great out doors and some awesome fishing ,any questions just ask and I'll do ...more my best to help out. ๐Ÿ˜
    5. Melody Sharp
      Thank you Scott!
    6. scott Colegrove
      That's kick ass. Your a very talented lady. And I see fishing angler as well. Tight lines and keep ripping lips.
    7. Melody Sharp
      I designed it in photoshop
    8. Braxton Lewis
      How did you do the picture
    9. Braxton Lewis
    10. Braxton Lewis
    11. Melody Sharp
      You and me both Scott!
    12. Melody Sharp
      I hear ya Kenny!!
    13. Melody Sharp
      Thanks Derek!
    14. Derek Stitt
      Been ready, like the edit.
    15. kenny thompson
      Kayaking and wading for them pre spawn trout just ain't nothing like it.
    16. Scott Sorrell
      I'm ready...can't wait to get the boat out
    17. Melody Sharp
      Me too Jon!!
    18. Melody Sharp
      Thanks Kenny!
    19. kenny thompson
      ME!!! Cool pic!!!
    20. Jon Giacalone
      This guy
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  9. 2 lb. 3 oz. Smallmouth Bass with a Zoom 8" Plum Lizard

    1. Braxton Lewis
      My fav
    2. Melody Sharp
      Kelly this is out off of the TN river in Huntsville close to the Airport
    3. Melody Sharp
      lol Kelly.. went out to BB Commer yesterday and didn't hit a lick.. :( was sad.. wishin u had the boat out there.
    4. Kelly Wood
      We're you fishing ? Never heard of it
    5. Melody Sharp
      Thanks Drew
    6. Melody Sharp
      thanks Tim
    7. Melody Sharp
      yes Christopher.. lol I had just gotten off work and thanks
    8. Tim Steinmetz
      Nice bass!
    9. Christopher Pereira
      Nice one...wait, are you fishing all dressed up? Haha
    10. Drew Gierach
      Nice catch
    11. Melody Sharp
      Thanks Rich!
    12. Rich Pardy
      Nice one!!
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  10. Thank you Fishidy! โ™กโ™ก Can't wait to wear it while I'm wearin' em out!๐ŸŽฃ๐ŸŽฃ๐ŸŸ๐ŸŸ

    1. Nice fish! Let's go Fishin!
    2. Shawn Gearinger
      Gotta get me one of those shirts!๐Ÿ˜ Looking good!
    3. Melody Sharp
      haha yeah.. yeah.. yeah...
    4. Kelly Wood
      WELL WELL WELL looks whos on fishidy thinking about wetting a line!!!!
    5. Braxton Lewis
    6. Melody Sharp
      thanks Kelly!
    7. Kelly Wood
      that shirt looks really good on you Melody!!!
    8. Melody Sharp
      my personal favorite is getting on some weed beds and throwing frogs. I guess it really depends where u are down there.
    9. Greg Walker
      Hello melody thanks for the add...Were trying to learn to fish guntersville any pointers would be appreciated.
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  11. Time for a refill :-)

    1. Melody Sharp
    2. Braxton Lewis
      Nice rod
    3. Melody Sharp
      that particular one was 14
    4. Braxton Lewis
      How many pound test
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I am a girl.. yes, fishing is my favorite hobby. I am just a Roll Tide kinda country girl who loves to fish. โ™ก

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