1. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Pulled this 3lbs large mouth out of the retention pound by George Bush Park using a Chartreuse Shad Crank Bait 2" to 5" Depth - H20 Xpress model CRS.

    1. David Fairchild 0
      @TXreelMcG Nice! I was looking at this area yesterday on the internet. What do you think about the area? Have you fished several of the ponds? Was this right below ...more Barker dam? Or above
    2. TXreelMcG 0
      Thanks Guys. The Chartreuse works real well in the murky/stained water
    3. Ben_Sanford 0
      Welcome to FishingScout!
    4. Ben_Sanford 0
    5. phillyfisher23 0
      Nice little fatty
    6. Reel_Smooth 0
    7. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Nice Bass
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