1. I bet most of y'all know this feeling! A hook deep down in your finger! Pushing it back thru is surprisingly easy just very painful! ๐Ÿ˜•

    1. Nathan Morgan 0
      Totally been there but at the same night got a tilapia barb into the same finger and ended up in the ER with Cellulitis Lymphangitis and Streptococcus bacterial ...more infection. be careful!
  2. Details: Largemouth Bass

    It was about 5:30-6 on this little farm pond out in Cat Springs, Texas on the 7IL trails. The fish weren't biting on anything but a T-Rigged Yum, but not fished ...more like you normally would I caught 10-15 by basically making a walk the dog motion with my rod and jerking the worm left and right and letting it flutter around over some grass and in moss patches.

    1. SouthTXAngler 0
      That's what it was! I tried everything else spinner baits a weightless fluke crankbaits a chatterbait they just wanted that dang yum going crazy over the top ...more of the grass @taylorg
    2. Taylor Glover 0
      getting that reaction bite
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  3. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Looking completely dumb in this one, caught this guy at around 4:30 yesterday evening. Caught him on a Texas rigged worm, just workin the bank lines before dark

    1. Bassman138 0
      ok that's cool man. if not I have tons of spots I could show u around friendswood and league city I fish horsepen bayou alot too
    2. SouthTXAngler 0
      As well as leaving a big ol Fire and a bunch of trash and tackle on it
    3. SouthTXAngler 0
      @bassman138 will do, I'll let you know if he lets up on the lake he's just pretty pissed off about it because the last group we found down there fired shots ...more into the lake and the PD Wwas called
    4. Bassman138 0
      ok great thanks bro hey check out the ditch pickle boyz group on Facebook
    5. SouthTXAngler 0
      But if you'd like to try and talk to the owner his name is Mr. Duncan he live in the big tanish house across from just about the middle of the lake tears the ...more end of the road @bassman138
    6. SouthTXAngler 0
      Yes it is, the owners are no longer allowing anyone to fish there because their have been some people down there leaving trash and fishing line and such.@bassman138
    7. Bassman138 0
      is this at that pond down sandpit road? I'd like to talk to owners and put my two man boat on it @SouthTXAngler
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  4. Incoming tide fishing a gut

    Inshore Slam (trout/flounder/redfish)

    1. hot1075 0
      Nice catch
    2. SouthTXAngler 0
      Thank ya ! @reelgame
    3. ReelGame Saucedo 0
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  5. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout with a Gold Spoon

    Caught a few of these dudes just slow Rollin' some gold spoons

  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Cashhhhhh.

    Had to customize my reel a bit. all my buddies got the exact same rods and reels๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. SouthTXAngler 0
      I got mine out at bps @Lunk_Lifestyle @htgaddis_
    2. htgaddis_ 0
      They dont carry them in pink but tw does carry reel grip @Lunk_Lifestyle
    3. Lunk_Lifestyle 0
      @TexasAngler89 academy. I got mine just today they don't carry them in tw
    4. SouthTXAngler 0
      yessssir! @TexasAngler89
    5. TexasAngler89 0
      Pink reel grips?
    6. TexasAngler89 0
      Wat you do to it
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  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Christmas Cashhhh

    You can never have enough tackle! Hope everybody kept tight lines today. Even though the weather here in Texas didn't permit much fishing. I went out anyways!

  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Deep diving Strike King crankbait.

    First fish out of a kayak! Sweet! caught about 5 today with the family.

  9. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Shaky heads. Deep diving cranks.

    First time out in a yak today. fun day. finnaly got to them.deep deep fish.

    1. SouthTXAngler 0
      Will do! I'll be out on the water Friday! @MagicYaker
    2. Nice stay safe! Next time take fish pics so we can see!
    3. Tyrone Smith 0
      You will get use to it very quickly. And will love the results. Tight lines
    4. SouthTXAngler 0
      Its kind of weird getting used to but its great to finnaly be able to get out where the fish are! Merry Christmas to you too! @ronety
    5. Tyrone Smith 0
      Congrats. There is nothing like it. Merry Christmas.
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