1. is there rock bass in state of Texas? I caught so many when I was in New York

    1. cooper marchetto 0
      never caught one... we have pretty much every other bass though haha
  2. Details: Flathead Catfish with a gold fish

    1. Charlie George 0
      You get my cred because it's a nice fish and I'm sure you were stoked to catch it!
    2. garrett weiss 0
      Nice fish info =cred
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  3. Where can I catch some tilapia here in Texas? is there any lake or pond that's close to Dallas area that have tilapia? thanks in advance! :-)

    1. Skylar012 0
      Thanks, I was there 2 weeks ago and caught 5 big fat tilapia... few drums and some cats. went again last Sunday and not even a bite!
    2. Powers911 0
      Squaw creek reservoir is taken over with tilapia right now. If you catch a tilapia there you are required to take it home or leave it on the bank. You might try ...more it out. Its $5 for the day though.
    3. Skylar012 0
      Where's bayous? or what is bayous? lol I'm looking for area that's closer to Dallas Texas @jurssica. thanks!
    4. jurssica 0
      I know there can be some in the bayous.
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    1. olenarey87 0
      Good blue car bait right there.
    2. Douglas Christensen 0
      Where were these caught at, Just wondering
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    1. Wyatt Prappas 0
      yep all yellows
    2. Skylar012 0
      they're all yellow bass. in the photos they look like hybrids, white bass and stripe bass
    3. Bird_dog 0
      To me these look like yellow bass with some white bass mixed in. No size or bag limit on yellow bass, yellow bass are silvery yellow with broken line above anal ...more fin and do not have a tooth patch tongu
    4. Skylar012 0
      they're yellow bass.... there's no size limit
    5. Nolan Yeager 0
      They must be at least 18 inches
    6. Nolan Yeager 0
      Well I meant within legal size but those aren't legal
    7. olenarey87 0
      And as long as you don't keep more than 5 per person.
    8. olenarey87 0
      @fishing_fool it's not illegal to keep hybrids around here as long as they are of legal size.
    9. Nolan Yeager 0
      Hey man those are hybrid stripers and it is illegal keep those
    10. King_Fisher 0
      Nice fish but you need some info. Info=cred
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    1. Skylar012 0
      I would too if wife peels it and I eat it! lol wife be having it like every other week! lol
    2. michael michael 0
      My favorite
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    1. Skylar012 0
      lol, it was good! with secret seasonings! :-)
    1. Skylar012 0
      were any of you at Lake tawakoni today? we were there from 7am to 3pm and didn't get a single bite! we were using minnows and shads as bait.... last week ...more were great!