1. another day in November...biggest was 26"

    Gulf Flounder with a GULP Shrimp

    1. ReelFishnTx 0
      @Set_That_Hook Very nice !!!
  2. Early start today, went with a few buddies and everyone caught their limit...lightly bounce and feel that thump..everyone was catching flounder today @ SeaWolf Park

    Gulf Flounder with a 3" Shrimp with colored tails

    1. BigChance56 0
      oh ok cool deal!
    2. Hai Nguyen 0
      @BigChance56 Yea thanks man but like I said I went with a few buddies that same day...we each kept 2 per person
    3. BigChance56 0
      Be careful game wardens can look at these pictures...nice catch though!
    4. Txfisherman713 R 0
      Cool bud nice haul!
    5. Hai Nguyen 0
      @txfisherman713 with a few friends..
    6. Txfisherman713 R 0
      U catch all those??
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  3. Details: Inshore Slam (trout/flounder/redfish) with a Sportsman Igloo 55qt , Shimano Blackmoon Backpack

    Better than a Yeti cooler hands down !!! Gotta check it out...A must have backpack if you don't like to carry a lot of things, my hands are free and the weight ...more is evenly distributed...

  4. Details: Gulf Flounder with a 3" Swimming Mullet Chartreuse...

    Started off with a cool chill morning and it was worth it...most of the hits were right off the bank about 5-10 feet..very light thumps, be patient and set that ...more hook...don't get too excited and pull the hook out...

    1. Hai Nguyen 0
      thanks @YakinTexasBrandon
    2. YakinTexasBrandon 0
      Nice haul!
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  5. Details: Gulf Flounder with a Using 3" Gulp Pearl Shrimp with chartreuse,pink and orange tail 3/8 oz jighead

    Perfect weather for flounder today...using 3" Gulp Pearl Shrimp with chartreuse,pink and orange tail...lightly jig off the bottom and wait for that thump..

  6. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout with a live mullet

    late in the evening @700 using bottom rig with live mullet...1st pipe @ the North Levy

    1. luis 0
    2. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Nice speck
    3. Gunnar 0
      Yupp everytime there's a north or a west wind that's where I'm at.. Nice fish man
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  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Paca Craw Watermelon Red Flake

    cloudy with an overcast...using the new punch skirt with 5" Paca Craw...twitch let it sink...wait for that tug and set that hook...

    1. h3avychevy 0
      Cool thanks.
    2. Hai Nguyen 0
      I like it a lot @h3avychevy ...a lot of action depending on your artificial. use something with flow and lots of movements...
    3. h3avychevy 0
      How do you like that set up? I almost bought it a few days ago. Just didn't commit.
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  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Paca Craw Okeechobee 5"

    windy with an overcast...cast it let it drop...bounced it up and down wait for that tug. set that hook !!!

  9. Details: White Crappie with a SpinnerBait

    1. Hai Nguyen 0
      @GizmosBait look on Google maps...find freshwater ponds around your area
    2. GizmosBait 0
      Nice one! I still gotta find a place in San Antonio to hit some crappie.
    3. Joe Olsem 0
    4. Hai Nguyen 0
      about 1.5 lbs. @IowaAnglers
    5. Joe Olsem 0
      That's a nice slab!!! How big was he?
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  10. Details: Largemouth Bass with a SpinnerBait

    high 90's using a spinnerbait cus of the murky water...get something with color and a spinner with a slow retrieve...


Just another angler that enjoys the sport of fishing....if there's water I'll be fishing !!! Set that hook guys....Fish On !!!