1. Catching perch on lake samoset

    1. jugg 0
      Have the same kayak, not bad for the price
  2. Kakayin and fishin at lake samoset!! Caught tons of perch and sunfish.!!!! Best lake in MA.

  3. Caught with @paul8989 at braintree golf course! Dont know what it is anyone know?

    1. herdholland3 0
    2. herdholland3 0
      It looks like a chain pickerel or a pile
    3. Sean_23 0
      Yea it was flipping out in the water before i picked it up @lewgimtoy
    4. Bill Lew 0
      It's a chain pickerel. Did it put up a good fight?
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  4. New Bomber lure. Dives shallow 0-3 feet. Any tips on using plz help/comment, thanks!

  5. Two new frogs. Both Scum frogs. One is a Watermelon red and the other Green Pumpkin. Hope to catch some fish with these in deep cover and weeds! Any tips on how ...more to use plz comment!

    1. Sean_23 0
      Thanks @jeremy5567
    2. jeremy5567 0
      Sticks, logs etc. just test it out experiment see what works best for you . Also sharpen the hooks with a diamond stone it helps alot when frog fishing . Good luck ...more hope this helped ;)
    3. jeremy5567 0
      Into. Also I have worked them in a very fast flowing moving rapid creek type deal and caught loads of bass and also one of my biggest chiclids. I've also caught ...more bass off this bait working around
    4. jeremy5567 0
      I used to have one in my box till one of my buddy's snagged it In a tree :( anyway it's kind of the same as u would work any frog. I usually toss them In ...more the thickest cover that I can't pitch and flip
    5. baitsnWeights 0
      fished with them a couple of times best luck was throwing them on some thick matts of hydrilla on sam rayburn they would come up through the matt to eat it
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  6. New gear from Bass Pro Shops came in today. Bunch of new soft plastics including the new culprit incredi-craw and DW2 chunks. I will post a closeup if the frog and ...more bomber soon.

  7. TWO! STEALTH 11' fishing kayaks waiting in my basement until the ice melts.

    1. Reel_Smooth 0
      They look bored! Lol!
  8. Does anybody know the best weight line to use during early spring, and summer, at a small lake that has little to no cover and tides??? 6,8,12?? Which one is also ...more best for spinning reels, while sitting on a sit on top kayak. Thanks responders!

    1. Paul Wharton 0
      Lol Sunset Lake: the lake that holds tiny fish
  9. Scale for weighing dem fishies.!!

    1. Sean_23 0
      Like 14.99 @AFTICA2
      How much did that cost
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  10. Line ready for spring. Spiderwire 8lb test braided. Bass pro shops brand excel, 12lb test, and my normal, Tebco outcast 6lb test, i usually use. Bought with @paul8989


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